Luke Him Sau Architectural Collection

Subject Headings
swimming pools

1)Project 2. Aquamarine Residence (綠波)
  • I-2-13/95 Details of swimming pool and drive-in court -- plan, section A-A  Detail
  • I-2-17/95 Details of concealed flood light to swimming pool -- plan, elevation, section; section of scum gutter; plan of manhole cover  Detail
  • I-2-18/95 Details of cement pavement to swimming pool -- plan; diving board -- sections; hand holds and steps -- elevations A, B, sections X-X, Y-Y  Detail
  • I-2-19/95 Details of glazed tiles, terrazzo floor and terrazzo markings to swimming pool -- plan, section, details, lettering design  Detail
  • I-2-75/95 Alterations to garden -- layout plan; details of railing -- elevation; stairs -- plan, side elevation; diving board -- plan, side elevation, section  Detail

2)Project 31. Sea Charm Residence (山海樓)
  • I-31-95/127 Site plan of swimming pool in garden  Detail
  • I-31-96/127 Design for swimming pool -- plan and section  Detail
  • I-31-97/127 Design for swimming pool -- plan, section, lettering details  Detail
  • I-31-98/127 Details of diving tower and diving board to swimming pool -- key plan, plans, elevations, sections, details  Detail
  • I-31-99/127 Details of diving tower to swimming pool -- plan and elevation  Detail
  • I-31-100/127 Details of diving tower to swimming pool -- partial elevation  Detail
  • I-31-101/127 Detail of concealed flushing lamp for swimming pool -- cross section; plan at X-X; detail at A; plan and details of manhole cover  Detail
  • I-31-102/127 Details of manhole covers to swimming pool lighting -- plan; section A-A, B-B  Detail

3)Project 33. Shauson Hill Road Residence
  • I-33-16/37 Building sections A-A, B-B; design for swimming pool -- plan, section C-C; schedules of finishes and staircases  Detail

4)Project M2. Structural Design
  • I-M2-11/56 R.C.C. details of swimming pool -- cross sections through wall, floor, and transverse beam; cylindrical, circular, and square tanks -- plans, sections  Detail