Luke Him Sau Architectural Collection

Biographical Note 


Luke Him Sau (陸謙受); aliase: Luk Tsang Shau (陸增壽)

1904-1927, Hong Kong

1904.7.29 Born in Hong Kong (Wongneichung Village, Happy Valley)

1915-1919 Wanchai Government School, Queen’s Road East, Hong Kong

1919-1922 St. Joseph’s College, Kennedy Road, Hong Kong

1923-1927 Articled to Messrs. Denison, Ram & Gibbs Architects, Civil Engineer & Surveyors, Hong Kong

1927-1930, London and overseas

1927-1930 Architectural Association School of Architecture, London; awarded the A.A. Diploma, 1930.7

1930.11 Associate of the Royal Institute of British Architects

1930 Toured banks in Europe and the U.S. sent by the Bank of China

1930-1937, Shanghai, China

1930- Chief architect, Bank of China Head Office, Shanghai, designed Bank of China buildings in Shanghai, Nanjing, Qingdao, Jinan, Nanchang, Chongqing, Guiyang, Xiamen, Shantou, Yingkou, etc.

1931- Member, the Society of Chinese Architects; Vice President (1935)

1937-1945, Chongqing, China

1937- Retreated to Chongqing with the Bank of China in World War II

1941 Technical consultant, Air Raid Shelters Construction Committee

1942 Member, the Society for Research in Chinese Architecture

1943 Research member, Air Raid Precaution Research Council

1944 Member, the Chungking City Planning Board

1945-1948, Shanghai, China

1945- Chief architect, Bank of China

Private practice, Wu Lian Architects

Board Member, Shanghai City Planning Board, in charge of the Planning Section and the Designing Department, prepared the 25-year Redevelopment Plan for the City of Greater Shanghai

1947 Member, the American Society of Planning Officials

Member of the Town & Country Planning Council, Ministry of Interior, China

Head of the Greater Shanghai Master Plan Department, Shanghai, China

Professor of Architecture, St. John University Shanghai

1948-1968, Hong Kong

1949- Registered to practice in Hong Kong and Taiwan

1949- Private practice, Wu Lian Architects, H. S. Luke & Associates, and P.A.P.R.O., designed So Uk Estate; schools, welfare center, hospitals for Maryknoll Sisters; Wah Yan College Chapel, Chapel for the Regional Seminary for South China; Repulse Bay Towers and Mansions; Ritz Apartments; Rockymount Apartments; Cimbria Court Apartments; May May Co. Department Store Buidling; Airport Police Station; and other apartments, residences, etc.

1956 Foundation member, Hong Kong Society of Architects

1968-1970, New York

1973-1991, Hong Kong

1968- Wrote over 1,700 poems on various topics

1991.1.23 Died in Hong Kong