Luke Him Sau Architectural Collection


1)Project 14. Hill Road Tenement Building
  • I-14-14/43 Survey of existing buildings on area (per owner/tenant)   Detail

2)Project 39. Unidentified Projects
  • I-39-38/47 Drainage details -- manhole -- plan, sections A-A, B-B, C-C, section through disconnecting chamber, drain bed; septic tank and filter tank -- plans, sections D-D, E-E, F-F, G-G; foul water drainage -- land drain, pit  Detail

3)Project M2. Structural Design
  • I-M2-1/56 Typical R.C.C. details and calculations -- beams, etc.  Detail
  • I-M2-2/56 Typical R.C.C. details and calculations -- foundations, beams, slabs, etc.  Detail
  • I-M2-3/56 Typical R.C.C. details and calculations -- slabs, rib-beams, etc.  Detail
  • I-M2-4/56 Typical R.C.C. details and calculations -- beams, slabs, stairs, etc.  Detail
  • I-M2-5/56 Typical R.C.C. details and calculations -- beams, columns, footings, etc.  Detail
  • I-M2-14/56 Reference to types of floors and roofs  Detail
  • I-M2-21/56 Design table for rectangular column -- core area  Detail
  • I-M2-22/56 Design table for rectangular column -- total area  Detail
  • I-M2-24/56 Beam design chart -- bending moment   Detail
  • I-M2-25/56 Beam design chart -- loading, bending moment, shear  Detail
  • I-M2-26/56 Beam design chart -- loading, bending moment, shear diagram, deflection  Detail
  • I-M2-34/56 Design table and chart for double reinforced beams, rectangular beams and slabs  Detail
  • I-M2-37/56 Design chart for slabs spanning in two directions   Detail
  • I-M2-39/56 Design table for R.C.C. beams  Detail
  • I-M2-40/56 Design table for R.C.C. slabs and hollow tile rib-beams  Detail
  • I-M2-41/56 Design table for R.C.C. slabs and hollow tile rib-beams  Detail
  • I-M2-42/56 Design table for R.C.C. Beams, slabs, and hollow tile rib-beams   Detail
  • I-M2-49/56 Structural design table -- shearing resistance of inclined bars   Detail
  • I-M2-50/56 Structural design table -- fixed end moments   Detail
  • I-M2-51/56 Structural design table -- fixed end moments; point, uniform, triangular load  Detail
  • I-M2-52/56 Structural design table -- fixed end moments; triangular, trapezoidal load  Detail
  • I-M2-53/56 Structural design table -- moment of inertia  Detail
  • I-M2-54/56 Structural design table  Detail
  • I-M2-55/56 Structural design table  Detail
  • I-M2-56/56 Structural design table  Detail

4)Project M3. Weather Charts
  • I-M3-1/11 Weather chart for Hong Kong -- table  Detail
  • I-M3-3/11 Sun chart and relevant data for Hong Kong -- plan; section; table of weather data; shadow charts 1, 2  Detail
  • I-M3-4/11 Sun chart for Hong Kong -- plan, section, table  Detail
  • I-M3-6/11 Table of sun declinations  Detail

5)Project M4. Miscellaneous
  • I-M4-1/48 Bathroom fixtures, kitchen equipment, and furniture -- plans, elevations, sections  Detail