Luke Him Sau Architectural Collection

Geogprahic Names
Hong Kong

1)Project 1. Apollo Book Company Show Window (智源書局)
2)Project 2. Aquamarine Residence (綠波)
3)Project 3. Cameron Road Apartment
4)Project 4. Castle Peak Road Week-end House
5)Project 6. China Resources Company Office (華潤公司)
6)Project 7. Chiu Clinic
7)Project 8. Conduit Road Apartment Buildings
8)Project 9. Duke Street Apartment Building
9)Project 10. Fair Wind Residence (天風樓)
10)Project 13. Getz Brothers Company Showroom
11)Project 14. Hill Road Tenement Building
12)Project 15. Hong Kong Bottlers Godown Building
13)Project 16. Johnston Road Apartment
14)Project 18. Luke Pauline K. S. Clinic
15)Project 19. MacDonnell Road Residence
16)Project 20. Manson House (文遜大廈)
17)Project 21. Maryknoll Sisters Schools and Hospital (瑪利諾女修會)
18)Project 22. Mosque Street Town House
19)Project 23. Nathan Road Tenement Building
20)Project 24. Nga Tsin Wai Road Residence
21)Project 25. P.A.P.R.O Office
22)Project 26. Peak Road Residence
23)Project 27. Prince Edward Road Apartment Building
24)Project 28. Queen's Road East Tenement Building
25)Project 29. Repulse Bay Towers (保華大廈)
26)Project 30. Ritz Garden Apartments (麗池花園大廈 )
27)Project 31. Sea Charm Residence (山海樓)
28)Project 32. Shan Kwong Road Apartment Building
29)Project 33. Shauson Hill Road Residence
30)Project 34. Simex Trading Corporation Office
31)Project 35. So Uk Estate (蘇屋邨)
32)Project 36. South China Weaving & Dyeing Limited Company Facilities
33)Project 37. South Sea Textile Limited Company Office, School and Welfare Buildings (南海紗廠)
34)Project 38. Tonnochy Road Commercial Building
35)Project 39. Unidentified Projects