Luke Him Sau Architectural Collection

Office Records / Luke Him Sau, Architect.

Record 5
This set consists of 1 binder of client, job, and drawing filing indexes (71 pages), 5 sorts of office files (85 pages), 2 sorts of stationery items, and 1 office stamp.

List of items

  • Lists of clients since 1952 Client, job, and drawing filing index binder II-5-1/16-1952-1967;7 sheets arranged alphabetically by client; information including client names in English and Chinese, addresses Detail
  • Filing index II-5-2/16-1952-1967;14 sheets arranged by land lot number Detail
  • Job records II-5-3/16-1952-1967;28 sheets information including job number, lot number, street number, location, client, address, outcome Detail
  • Lists of office files, records and references II-5-4/16-1952-1967;2 sheets Detail
  • Lists of drawings II-5-5/16-1952-1967;6 sheets including lists of current jobs, abandoned jobs, complete jobs, approved drawings, reference drawings Detail
  • List of R.C.C. calculation II-5-6/16-1952-1967;2 sheets arranged by job number Detail
  • Office document index II-5-7/16-1952-1967;9 sheets including lists of drawings "deposited with T.K. Shen Construction Co. for safe custody" Detail
  • Sample index II-5-8/16-1952-1967;3 sheets Detail
  • Design data sheets Office files II-5-9/16;8 sheets Detail
  • Contract for demolition works II-5-10/16;5 sheets Detail
  • Labour wages and material prices II-5-11/16;18 sheets Detail
  • Work progress checking lists II-5-12/16;53 sheets Detail
  • Numbers and index for drawings II-5-13/16;1 sheet Detail
  • P.A.P.R.O. stamp Office stamp II-5-14/16;1 item texts: Progressive Architecture Planning & Research Organization Detail
  • Letter heads (H. S. Luke) Stationery items II-5-15/16;4 sheets with Luke Him Sau's stamp in Chinese "陸謙受建築師" Detail
  • Envelopes (H. S. Luke) II-5-16/16;2 items Detail