Luke Him Sau Architectural Collection

Miscellaneous / Luke Him Sau, Architect.

Record 8
This set consists of 1 commemorative book, 2 leaflets, 1 newspaper clip, 1 site plan (print on paper), and 1 passport.

List of items

  • Hong Kong passport II-8-5/5-1949-1954;1 item attached with portrait photograph of Luke Him Sau Detail
  • Site plan of the Dah Hsia Villa, Shanghai II-8-4/5-1937;1 sheet "大夏新村(第一、二村)地基圖"; showing private house site boundaries with names of owners, including Luke Him Sau's self-house Detail
  • Newspaper clip reporting the blessing ceremony of the Wah Yan College Chapel II-8-3/5-ca. 1960;1 sheet mentioning "the architect is Mr. H. S. Luke" Detail
  • Leaflets reporting Japan's unconditional surrender II-8-2/5-1945;2 sheets Detail
  • Bank of China commemorative book II-8-1/5-1936-10-10;1 item "中國銀行新廈奠基紀念"; with detailed information about the Bank of China Head Building in Shanghai, including a plate of perspective drawing of building exterior Detail