Luke Him Sau Architectural Collection

Subject Headings

1)Project 5. Central Bank of China Guangzhou Branch (中央銀行廣州分行)
  • I-5-1/19 Site plan  Detail
  • I-5-2/19 Ground floor framing plan  Detail
  • I-5-3/19 Footing plan, sections 1-1, 2-2, 3-3, 4-4  Detail
  • I-5-4/19 Basement floor plan  Detail
  • I-5-5/19 Ground floor plan  Detail
  • I-5-6/19 Mezzanine floor plan  Detail
  • I-5-7/19 Second floor plan  Detail
  • I-5-8/19 Third floor plan  Detail
  • I-5-9/19 Fourth floor plan  Detail
  • I-5-10/19 Fifth floor plan  Detail
  • I-5-11/19 Roof plans  Detail
  • I-5-12/19 South elevation  Detail
  • I-5-13/19 North elevation  Detail
  • I-5-14/19 East and west elevations  Detail
  • I-5-15/19 Building sections -- 甲  Detail
  • I-5-16/19 Building sections -- 乙, 丙  Detail
  • I-5-17/19 First and second floor plans  Detail
  • I-5-18/19 Footing plan, third floor plan, and roof plan  Detail
  • I-5-19/19 Exterior elevations -- north, south; building sections -- 丁, 戊   Detail

2)Project 6. China Resources Company Office (華潤公司)
  • I-6-1/14 Existing tenth floor plan (by Palmer and Turner)  Detail
  • I-6-2/14 Existing twelfth floor plan (by Palmer and Turner)  Detail
  • I-6-3/14 Existing ninth reflected ceiling plan showing false ceiling and electrical layout (by Palmer and Turner)  Detail