Luke Him Sau Architectural Collection

Subject Headings

1)Project 12. Fisheries Reconstruction Agency Factories (漁業善後物資管理處)
  • I-12-1/20 Site plan, footing plan and section  Detail
  • I-12-2/20 First floor plan and mezzanine floor plan  Detail
  • I-12-3/20 Second floor plan and roof plan  Detail
  • I-12-4/20 Building elevation -- side; entrance elevations -- front and back; building sections -- 戊, 己; section through filter tank; detail of flooring  Detail
  • I-12-5/20 Building elevation -- back; building sections -- 甲, 乙, 丙, 丁; detail of flooring  Detail

2)Project 36. South China Weaving & Dyeing Limited Company Facilities
  • I-36-1/1 Plan and section A-A  Detail