Luke Him Sau Architectural Collection

Subject Headings

1)Project 2. Aquamarine Residence (綠波)
  • I-2-52/95 Design for bathroom floor pattern -- plan and detail  Detail

2)Project 10. Fair Wind Residence (天風樓)
  • I-10-28/55 Floor pattern design for garden entrance -- plan   Detail
  • I-10-30/55 Additions to covered way at entrance -- plan of floor patterns  Detail

3)Project 12. Fisheries Reconstruction Agency Factories (漁業善後物資管理處)
  • I-12-4/20 Building elevation -- side; entrance elevations -- front and back; building sections -- 戊, 己; section through filter tank; detail of flooring  Detail
  • I-12-5/20 Building elevation -- back; building sections -- 甲, 乙, 丙, 丁; detail of flooring  Detail

4)Project 26. Peak Road Residence
  • I-26-26/32 Miscellaneous details of skylight -- reflected ceiling plan, section A-A, B-B; marble floor pattern for main entrance -- plan, section C-C; concrete grilles -- elevation, section D-D; exterior details -- key elevation, sections at E, F; section through flower bed  Detail

5)Project 29. Repulse Bay Towers (保華大廈)
  • I-29-97/147 Details of floor joints; skirting and dado; window sills; projections at canopy, parapet; typical details of granite curb, ramp  Detail

6)Project 31. Sea Charm Residence (山海樓)
  • I-31-123/127 Alterations to paved court -- site plan  Detail

7)Project M2. Structural Design
  • I-M2-14/56 Reference to types of floors and roofs  Detail