Luke Him Sau Architectural Collection

Subject Headings

1)Project 1. Apollo Book Company Show Window (智源書局)
  • I-1-1/1 Design for book store show window -- key plan, plan, section A-A, front elevation  Detail

2)Project 2. Aquamarine Residence (綠波)
  • I-2-5/95 Site plan, ground floor plan, first floor plan, roof plan  Detail
  • I-2-20/95 Details of closets in entrance hall, dressing room, and bed room -- plans; elevations; sections A-A, B-B, X-X, Y-Y; details at N, M, P; sections through drawers; details of closet handles, vent hole fittings, and brass roller  Detail
  • I-2-30/95 Details of R.C.C. tables and cabinets at kitchen and pantry -- location plan; sections A-A, B-B, C-C, D-D; elevation A  Detail
  • I-2-35/95 Additions to storage rooms -- plan, cross and long sections  Detail
  • I-2-36/95 Alterations to master dressing room closet -- plan, sectional elevation  Detail
  • I-2-40/95 Details of desk and dressing table -- plan, front view, section, plan showing vanity box; chairs -- plan, front view, side view, back views, isometric view  Detail
  • I-2-41/95 Rearrangement of furniture to bed room -- plan; details of alterations to windows -- plans at X-X, Y-Y; section at Z-Z; elevation; section; details at A, B, C, D  Detail
  • I-2-42/95 Design for bed room book case, desk, chair, bed, screen, panelling and bed side table -- front views, side views, isometric view (of chair), elevations  Detail
  • I-2-43/95 furniture layout key plans -- ground floor plan, first floor plan; design for master bed room bed ensemble, bed, dressing table and mirror feature, living room coffee tables, easy chairs, dining room chairs -- plans, front views, side views, details  Detail
  • I-2-44/95 Design for bed side stools, dressing stool, reception room chair, game and breakfast table, living room sofa, reception hall sofa seat and table, contour chairs, living room easy chair and couch -- plans, front views, side views  Detail
  • I-2-45/95 Details of dinning table -- plan, elevation, section A-A  Detail
  • I-2-46/95 Amended details of dinning table -- plan, elevation, section A-A  Detail
  • I-2-76/95 Design for swing sofa to garden -- plan, front view, side views  Detail

3)Project 3. Cameron Road Apartment
  • I-3-1/1 Alterations to apartment interior layout -- top floor plan  Detail

4)Project 6. China Resources Company Office (華潤公司)
  • I-6-4/14 Simple design model for interior layout of eleventh floor  Detail
  • I-6-5/14 Interior layout of eleventh floor  Detail
  • I-6-6/14 Interior layout of twelfth floor  Detail
  • I-6-7/14 Amended interior layout of twelfth floor  Detail
  • I-6-8/14 Interior layout of thirteenth floor  Detail
  • I-6-9/14 Interior layout of thirteenth floor  Detail
  • I-6-10/14 Interior layout of eleventh and twelfth floors  Detail
  • I-6-11/14 Interior section of eleventh and twelfth floors; details of counters, cloak room, show case and cupboard, partition, doors, railings -- plans, elevations, sections  Detail

5)Project 10. Fair Wind Residence (天風樓)
  • I-10-6/55 Ground floor interior layout plan  Detail
  • I-10-15/55 Details of closets 2, 3, 4, 5 -- plans, elevations, sections; cancelled details of closet 1  Detail
  • I-10-16/55 Details of tie boxes for closet 2, 3 -- plan, elevation, sections; typical details of closet drawers, brass roller, bronze handle, vents; details of closets at A, B, C, D, E; details of skirting, window board and curtain rail  Detail
  • I-10-19/55 Details of closets 1 and door F -- plan, elevations, section; details of closets at F, G, H  Detail
  • I-10-40/55 Furniture design for living room -- plan  Detail
  • I-10-42/55 Additions to living room -- interior layout scheme A, B  Detail
  • I-10-44/55 Design for living room partition -- key plan; elevation; details at A, B, C, D  Detail
  • I-10-46/55 Alterations to living room -- re-arrangement of furniture; reflected ceiling plans showing lighting fixtures; colour scheme for walls and ceilings  Detail
  • I-10-47/55 Furniture design -- front and side elevations of easy chair, sofa, arm chair; elevations and perspective of dining chair  Detail
  • I-10-48/55 Furniture design for living room -- key plan; plans and elevations of Chinese style sofa, sofa 2, arm chair 1, 2, cabinet, table 3, low seat  Detail
  • I-10-51/55 Details of picture frame -- elevations; plan at top; sections A-A, B-B  Detail

6)Project 13. Getz Brothers Company Showroom
  • I-13-1/1 Plan and front elevation of proposed show room, location plan  Detail

7)Project 16. Johnston Road Apartment
  • I-16-1/1 Alteration to interior layout -- top floor plan  Detail

8)Project 17. Luke K. F. Clinic (路加醫療所)
  • I-17-1/1 Ground floor plan, cockloft plan, front elevation  Detail

9)Project 18. Luke Pauline K. S. Clinic
  • I-18-1/1 Interior layout plan  Detail

10)Project 21. Maryknoll Sisters Schools and Hospital (瑪利諾女修會)
  • I-21-1/6 Alterations to entrance hall, Maryknoll School Hong Kong -- floor plan  Detail
  • I-21-2/6 Alterations to entrance hall, Maryknoll School Hong Kong -- interior elevations; details of marble seats, bronze canopy and shield  Detail

11)Project 25. P.A.P.R.O Office
  • I-25-1/18 Interior layout and section showing alternative design 1  Detail
  • I-25-2/18 Interior layout showing alternative design 1  Detail
  • I-25-3/18 Interior layout showing alternative design 2  Detail
  • I-25-4/18 Interior layout showing alternative design 3  Detail
  • I-25-12/18 Interior layout plan  Detail
  • I-25-16/18 Details of new shelf -- plan, elevation, sections, detail at F   Detail
  • I-25-17/18 Interior layout plan; elevations A, B; details of bench -- front and side elevations  Detail
  • I-25-18/18 Details of shelves I, II and drawing files -- elevations, sections  Detail

12)Project 26. Peak Road Residence
  • I-26-1/32 Key plan 1 -- ground floor plan   Detail
  • I-26-2/32 Key plan 2 -- first floor plan   Detail
  • I-26-9/32 Details of low partition for bar -- plan; elevations; section A-A; details at B, C, D; detailed plans at E, F, G  Detail
  • I-26-10/32 Details of bar -- plan; elevations; sections A-A, B-B; detailed sections of leather seat, counter, and glass shelves  Detail
  • I-26-11/32 Details of fireplace -- plan; sections A-A, B-B; details of leather sofa and fire grating  Detail
  • I-26-12/32 Details of family shrine -- elevation; section A-A; plan at B-B; details of carving board with Chinese lettering, teak side board, and plastic mural   Detail
  • I-26-13/32 Details of kitchen -- elevations G4, G5, G6, G7; sections through cabinet and server  Detail
  • I-26-14/32 Details of master bedroom and hobby room -- elevations 11, 12, 13, 14, 15; reflected ceiling plan of light panel; sections through bed, light panel, dressing table, desk, bedside table, sound cabinet, book shelves, and brass pin bracket; details at A, B, C  Detail
  • I-26-15/32 Details of closets for master bedroom and bedroom 1 -- plans at A-A, C-C; elevations; inside arrangements; sections B-B, D-D; details at E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L; section and isometric view of tie hanger; details of brass vent hole  Detail
  • I-26-16/32 Details of closets for bedroom 2and baby's room -- plans at A-A, C-C; elevations; inside arrangements; sections B-B, D-D; sections and details of teak tray and shoe rack  Detail
  • I-26-17/32 Details of closet for cloak room -- key plan; plans at A-A; elevation; inside arrangement; sections B-B; details of teak drawer, umbrella rack and holder  Detail
  • I-26-18/32 Details of guest toilet, baths for bedroom 2 and baby's room -- plans; sections X-X, Y-Y; details of dressing table  Detail
  • I-26-20/32 Details of master bedroom -- plans, sections X-X, X1-X1, Y-Y, detailed plan at O-O, detail at N; section through curtain box; details of dressing table for bedroom 2 -- section P-P, Q-Q, details at R, S; details of cabinet for guest toilet -- plan at U-U, section T-T  Detail

13)Project 29. Repulse Bay Towers (保華大廈)
  • I-29-67/147 Key plans for architectural details -- ground floor plan; typical floor plan, level 1-2, 3-4  Detail
  • I-29-68/147 Key plans for architectural details -- fourteenth floor plan, penthouse floor plan, penthouse kitchen floor plan, kitchen roof plan, machine room roof plan  Detail
  • I-29-69/147 Key plan for architectural details -- storeroom floor plan  Detail
  • I-29-76/147 Details of closets A, B, C, D -- plans; elevations; inside arrangement; sections through water heater space, shoe racks, tie hanger, teak drawers  Detail
  • I-29-77/147 Amended details of closets A, C -- plans; elevations; inside arrangement; sections through water heater space, teak drawers; and details of curtain box  Detail
  • I-29-78/147 Details of closets E, F, G, H -- plans; elevations; inside arrangement; sections through water heater space, shoe racks, teak drawers  Detail
  • I-29-79/147 Details of closets at a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i; details of shoe rack, drawer, handkerchief drawer, tie hanger, adjustable shelves, brass vent hole, hanging pole   Detail
  • I-29-80/147 Details of closets I, J, K -- plans; elevations; inside arrangement sections; sections through drawers, rubber catch, brass hat and coat hook; sections at X, Y; details at j, k, l, m, n  Detail
  • I-29-81/147 Details of closets B1 -- inside arrangement; supporting shelf of water heater -- plan; section A-A  Detail

14)Project 31. Sea Charm Residence (山海樓)
  • I-31-35/127 Detail of open shelf cabinet to Chinese kitchen -- elevation, section, detail of corner  Detail
  • I-31-36/127 Details of two-way serving cabinet to kitchen -- plan, elevation, sections A, B  Detail
  • I-31-37/127 Details of boys' room suite -- plan of furniture arrangement; plan, elevation and section of closet  Detail
  • I-31-38/127 Alterations to boys' room suite -- plan of furniture arrangement  Detail
  • I-31-39/127 Alterations to boys' room suite -- plan of furniture arrangement; details of closets -- plans, elevations, sections; section of curtain box  Detail
  • I-31-46/127 Furniture arrangement for living room, scheme 2 -- layout plan  Detail
  • I-31-47/127 Details of guest room: entrance treatment -- plan, elevation and section; bead curtain screen -- elevation, sections A, B, C  Detail
  • I-31-48/127 Design for addition table to guest room -- plan, front and side elevations, sections A, B  Detail
  • I-31-49/127 Design for addition table to guest room -- plan, front and side elevations, sections A, B  Detail
  • I-31-50/127 Master bedroom closets and louvres -- plan, elevation, section, detail  Detail
  • I-31-51/127 Design for master bedroom window seat and family room built in seat-- plans, elevation, sections R, S, T  Detail
  • I-31-52/127 Design for master bedroom twinbed, bed stool; study room desk, cupboard, and book shelves -- elevations  Detail
  • I-31-53/127 Design for master bedroom table -- key plan, plan, elevation, detail of fixing screw  Detail
  • I-31-54/127 Design for serving table and stool to master bedroom -- plans and elevations  Detail
  • I-31-55/127 Design for serving table to master bedroom -- plan and elevations  Detail
  • I-31-56/127 Design for music cabinet to master bedroom -- plan and elevations  Detail
  • I-31-58/127 Design for bar cabinet hardwares master's study -- section through door; details of hardwares  Detail
  • I-31-59/127 Alterations to master bedroom furniture -- key plan; plan, front view and section of new cabinet  Detail
  • I-31-61/127 Design for contour chair -- side elevation  Detail
  • I-31-62/127 Furniture design -- plan and section  Detail
  • I-31-63/127 Furniture design -- plan and section  Detail
  • I-31-64/127 Design for day bed -- elevations  Detail
  • I-31-65/127 Design for day bed -- elevations and details  Detail
  • I-31-66/127 Design for adjustable piano bench and bathroom benches -- plans and elevations  Detail
  • I-31-67/127 Design for combined cabinet for gramophone and recording machine -- elevations, key diagram for furniture arrangement  Detail
  • I-31-68/127 Design for combined cabinet and radio front -- elevations  Detail
  • I-31-69/127 Design for telephone bracket -- plan, elevation, section  Detail
  • I-31-70/127 Details for table tennis table -- plan and elevation; detail of carpet strip under door; design for music stand -- plans, elevations, details at A, B, C  Detail
  • I-31-71/127 Design for guest room bed, writing table, chairs, desks, children's room table and bed side table, refrigerator case, seat, book case, and bar cabinet -- plans, elevations, sections  Detail
  • I-31-72/127 Design for study room book case, dining room extended table, toilet circular cabinet, master desk, dressing tables to powder room and master dressing room, etc. -- plans, elevations, sections, details  Detail
  • I-31-73/127 Design for boys' room folding bed, stair hall low table, family room coffee table, children's bed, game table, sofa and coffee table to living room, coffee table and shaving cabinet to master study, desk and dressing table to daughters' room, window seat and bed side table to master bedroom -- plans, elevations, sections   Detail
  • I-31-74/127 Details of closet door vent hole fittings -- elevation, section  Detail
  • I-31-75/127 Details of Knob for all sliding top and bottom hung carbine doors -- plan, section  Detail

15)Project 34. Simex Trading Corporation Office
  • I-34-1/1 Interior layout plan  Detail

16)Project 37. South Sea Textile Limited Company Office, School and Welfare Buildings (南海紗廠)
  • I-37-1/45 Alternative design for office interior -- eleventh floor plan, Chartered Bank, Central  Detail

17)Project 39. Unidentified Projects
  • I-39-3/47 Furniture design -- oak twin beds  Detail
  • I-39-4/47 Furniture design -- glass coffee table  Detail
  • I-39-5/47 Furniture design -- chair and arm chair  Detail
  • I-39-6/47 Furniture design -- blackwood cabinet  Detail
  • I-39-22/47 Apartment remodelling -- interior layout plan  Detail
  • I-39-23/47 Apartment remodelling -- interior layout plan  Detail
  • I-39-25/47 Peut house -- details of living room bar cabinet, sofa seats, table, low table, bar chairs -- plans, elevations, section  Detail
  • I-39-31/47 Barcelona stool -- plans, side view, end view  Detail
  • I-39-32/47 Detail of easel -- plans of base board, elevation, sections A, B, C, D, E  Detail

18)Project M4. Miscellaneous
  • I-M4-1/48 Bathroom fixtures, kitchen equipment, and furniture -- plans, elevations, sections  Detail
  • I-M4-2/48 Children's furniture, fixtures and equipment; closets; trays and shelves; roads and turns; garages and parking -- plans, elevations, sections  Detail