Luke Him Sau Architectural Collection

Subject Headings

1)Project 2. Aquamarine Residence (綠波)
  • I-2-19/95 Details of glazed tiles, terrazzo floor and terrazzo markings to swimming pool -- plan, section, details, lettering design  Detail
  • I-2-67/95 Lettering design for house name in Chinese -- "綠波"  Detail
  • I-2-68/95 Lettering design for house name in Chinese -- "綠波"  Detail
  • I-2-69/95 Details of name plate -- plan and elevation  Detail
  • I-2-70/95 Lettering design for house name in English-- Aquamarine  Detail

2)Project 10. Fair Wind Residence (天風樓)
  • I-10-34/55 Design for name plate -- elevation  Detail
  • I-10-35/55 Amended design for name plate -- lettering; side, front, top elevations; section X-X; details at Y, Z; and for access road parapet -- plan, elevations, section A-A, B-B  Detail
  • I-10-36/55 Design for lettering to name plate -- "111 repulse bay road"  Detail
  • I-10-37/55 Design for Chinese characters -- "天風樓"  Detail

3)Project 25. P.A.P.R.O Office
  • I-25-9/18 Entrance door elevation  Detail

4)Project 26. Peak Road Residence
  • I-26-6/32 Details of entrance hall -- elevations G1, G2, G3; plans, sections and details at A - G  Detail
  • I-26-7/32 Amended details of entrance hall -- plans of entrance hall and R.C.C. pergola; elevations G1, G2, G3; section X-X, Y-Y; details at A, B, and star light  Detail
  • I-26-8/32 Details of entrance hall -- elevation of gypsum plaster; elevation and detail of lighting fixtures; sections H-H, I-I; plan at J-J  Detail
  • I-26-9/32 Details of low partition for bar -- plan; elevations; section A-A; details at B, C, D; detailed plans at E, F, G  Detail
  • I-26-12/32 Details of family shrine -- elevation; section A-A; plan at B-B; details of carving board with Chinese lettering, teak side board, and plastic mural   Detail

5)Project 29. Repulse Bay Towers (保華大廈)
  • I-29-115/147 Details of name plate -- key plan, plan, elevations, section B-B, detail at A  Detail
  • I-29-116/147 Design for letters -- "W, Y, U, T, S, A, B, E, L, P, R, O"  Detail
  • I-29-117/147 Design for Chinese characters -- "保華大廈"  Detail
  • I-29-118/147 Design for Chinese characters -- "保"  Detail
  • I-29-119/147 Design for Chinese characters -- "華"  Detail
  • I-29-120/147 Design for Chinese characters -- "大"  Detail
  • I-29-121/147 Design for Chinese characters -- "廈"  Detail
  • I-29-122/147 Design for letters -- "A, B"  Detail
  • I-29-123/147 Design for letters -- "E, L"  Detail
  • I-29-124/147 Design for letters -- "P, R"  Detail
  • I-29-125/147 Design for letters -- "T, S"  Detail
  • I-29-126/147 Design for letters -- "Y, U"   Detail
  • I-29-127/147 Design for letters -- "W, O"  Detail

6)Project 31. Sea Charm Residence (山海樓)
  • I-31-79/127 Details of letters and bolt to silver plates -- elevation, section, detail  Detail
  • I-31-97/127 Design for swimming pool -- plan, section, lettering details  Detail
  • I-31-118/127 Details of additional parking space -- plan, elevations of garage; section and elevations of name plate; plan and section of seat  Detail
  • I-31-119/127 Details of additional parking space -- key plan, elevation of house name plate, details at A, B, C  Detail
  • I-31-125/127 Miscellaneous details of air outlet panels, switch plates, sun screen units to ground floor porch and stone tablet of building name -- elevations, sections, details  Detail

7)Project 39. Unidentified Projects
  • I-39-45/47 Design for letters -- "M, P, U, K, E, W, S, T, N"; numbers -- "8, 4, 2, 6, 9, 1, 5, 3, 10"  Detail
  • I-39-46/47 Design for letters -- "A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, L, N, R, S, T"; numbers -- "0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9"  Detail