Luke Him Sau Architectural Collection

Subject Headings

1)Project 2. Aquamarine Residence (綠波)
  • I-2-26/95 Details of window board -- plan, elevation, section; skirting -- section; louvre -- elevation, section; staircase -- elevations, sections A-A, B-B, railing details  Detail

2)Project 10. Fair Wind Residence (天風樓)
  • I-10-16/55 Details of tie boxes for closet 2, 3 -- plan, elevation, sections; typical details of closet drawers, brass roller, bronze handle, vents; details of closets at A, B, C, D, E; details of skirting, window board and curtain rail  Detail

3)Project 26. Peak Road Residence
  • I-26-6/32 Details of entrance hall -- elevations G1, G2, G3; plans, sections and details at A - G  Detail
  • I-26-8/32 Details of entrance hall -- elevation of gypsum plaster; elevation and detail of lighting fixtures; sections H-H, I-I; plan at J-J  Detail

4)Project 29. Repulse Bay Towers (保華大廈)
  • I-29-97/147 Details of floor joints; skirting and dado; window sills; projections at canopy, parapet; typical details of granite curb, ramp  Detail

5)Project 39. Unidentified Projects
  • I-39-34/47 Details of basement waterproofing and skirtings  Detail