Luke Him Sau Architectural Collection

Subject Headings

1)Project 2. Aquamarine Residence (綠波)
  • I-2-35/95 Additions to storage rooms -- plan, cross and long sections  Detail

2)Project 12. Fisheries Reconstruction Agency Factories (漁業善後物資管理處)
  • I-12-4/20 Building elevation -- side; entrance elevations -- front and back; building sections -- 戊, 己; section through filter tank; detail of flooring  Detail
  • I-12-5/20 Building elevation -- back; building sections -- 甲, 乙, 丙, 丁; detail of flooring  Detail

3)Project 29. Repulse Bay Towers (保華大廈)
  • I-29-17/147 Plan of storeroom floor (between ground and first floor level)  Detail
  • I-29-39/147 Block plan, site plan, plan of storeroom floor, sections of staircases I to IV showing variations in levels due to sloping driveway, schedules of finishes and staircases  Detail
  • I-29-48/147 Amended storeroom floor plan; amended diagrammatic site plan, ground floor plan, penthouse plan and section showing calculation of volume; revised calculation of built up area  Detail
  • I-29-69/147 Key plan for architectural details -- storeroom floor plan  Detail
  • I-29-135/147 Plumbing layout -- block plan, site plan, storeroom floor plan; sections through concrete foundations to drains and deep well; typical details of manhole and back inlet gully trap; schedules of manhole and sanitary fittings  Detail