Luke Him Sau Architectural Collection

Subject Headings
tenement buildings

1)Project 14. Hill Road Tenement Building
  • I-14-1/43 Isometric view of building block  Detail
  • I-14-15/43 First floor plan  Detail
  • I-14-16/43 Ground floor plan   Detail
  • I-14-17/43 Typical floor plan -- second to sixteenth floors  Detail
  • I-14-18/43 Typical floor plan -- first, third, fifth, seventh; second, fourth, sixth floors  Detail
  • I-14-19/43 Eighth and ninth floor plans  Detail
  • I-14-20/43 Tenth and eleventh floor plans  Detail
  • I-14-21/43 Twelfth and thirteenth floor plans  Detail
  • I-14-22/43 Fourteenth and fifteenth floor plans; upper roof plan  Detail
  • I-14-23/43 Partition plans for flats 1 to 30   Detail
  • I-14-24/43 Amended partition plans of flats 1 to 30  Detail
  • I-14-25/43 Balcony treatment -- partial elevation; sections Y-Y; plans at X-X, X1-X1, X2-X2; details at A, B, C, D  Detail
  • I-14-43/43 Working progress chart -- diagrammatic section  Detail

2)Project 23. Nathan Road Tenement Building
  • I-23-1/1 Ground, first, and second floor plans; block plans; column schedules; design for balcony -- elevation, section, R.C.C. details, footing section  Detail

3)Project 28. Queen's Road East Tenement Building
  • I-28-1/1 Ground, first, third floor plans; roof plan; section A-A  Detail

4)Project M1. Progress Reports
  • I-M1-2/31 Working progress graphic charts -- no.38, 40 Java Road apartments; no.78 to 88 Sai Yee Street, no.585 Nathan Road, no.91 Woo Sung Street tenement buildings  Detail
  • I-M1-7/31 Working progress graphic chart -- ML 183 tenement building  Detail