Luke Him Sau Architectural Collection

Subject Headings

1)Project 2. Aquamarine Residence (綠波)
  • I-2-62/95 Alterations and additions to the exterior of the building-- ground floor plan; first floor plan; east elevation; details of additional R.C.C. louvres at terrace -- plan, section A-A; details of plaster to east exterior   Detail
  • I-2-65/95 Details of boundary wall and entrance -- plan; elevations from outside and inside; sections A-A, B-B  Detail

2)Project 12. Fisheries Reconstruction Agency Factories (漁業善後物資管理處)
  • I-12-11/20 R.C.C. details of beams, tank walls -- roof level  Detail
  • I-12-20/20 Framing plan and R.C.C. details of beams, walls, slabs -- penthouse and filter tank  Detail

3)Project 14. Hill Road Tenement Building
  • I-14-25/43 Balcony treatment -- partial elevation; sections Y-Y; plans at X-X, X1-X1, X2-X2; details at A, B, C, D  Detail

4)Project 26. Peak Road Residence
  • I-26-8/32 Details of entrance hall -- elevation of gypsum plaster; elevation and detail of lighting fixtures; sections H-H, I-I; plan at J-J  Detail

5)Project 29. Repulse Bay Towers (保華大廈)
  • I-29-9/147 Site formation plan -- section through new retaining wall  Detail
  • I-29-14/147 Details for catch-pit -- plan, section X-X; sections of retaining walls A, B, C; sections through catch water and surface channel; details of concrete foundation and surround to drains  Detail
  • I-29-95/147 Details of vent box -- plan, sections A-A, B-B  Detail
  • I-29-99/147 Details of sump tank and pump house in vent duct; railings; fence walls; drying racks -- plans, elevations, sections, schedules  Detail

6)Project 37. South Sea Textile Limited Company Office, School and Welfare Buildings (南海紗廠)
  • I-37-22/45 Structural design for office extension -- column schedules; typical R.C.C. details of column, wall and footing  Detail

7)Project M2. Structural Design
  • I-M2-6/56 R.C.C. details of basement retaining wall; hollow tile slab; columns of different shapes of cross sections; rectangular culvert -- section, side elevation; water tank -- section A-A, B-B  Detail
  • I-M2-7/56 Details of brackets, cantilever walls, expansion joints  Detail
  • I-M2-8/56 Details of R.C.C. walls and parapet; typical column joints; truss for supporting top bars of pile cap -- plans, sections X-X, Y-Y, details at A, B  Detail
  • I-M2-9/56 R.C.C. details of stairs -- horizontal spanning; random rubble and coursed rubble -- sections and elevations; underground, zigzag, cantilever beams -- arrangement of steel bars; foundations -- sections  Detail
  • I-M2-10/56 R.C.C. details of beams; areaway walls; columns -- typical arrangement of steel, typical footing; slabs -- bending detail, cantilever reinforcing  Detail