Luke Him Sau Architectural Collection

Subject Headings

1)Project 2. Aquamarine Residence (綠波)
  • I-2-10/95 Elevations of windows 1 to 23; plans of windows 6, 8  Detail
  • I-2-21/95 Details of green house -- plan; roof plan; sections A-A, M-M, N-N, O-O, S-S, T-T; elevations of steel windows  Detail
  • I-2-22/95 Details of ventilator at storage -- section A-A, plan B-B; flower box -- plan, elevation, section C-C; R.C.C. coping to chimney -- sections; electrical installation at pavilion roof -- plan  Detail
  • I-2-38/95 Details of additional louvre windows to green house -- plan, elevations from inside and outside, section A-A, detail at B  Detail
  • I-2-61/95 Details of additional typhoon guard to living room picture window -- elevation of window opening; full size details, sections, and elevations  Detail
  • I-2-63/95 Details of additional typhoon board A to dressing room and board B to master bed room -- plans; sections A-A, B-B, C-C  Detail
  • I-2-64/95 Alterations to window louvres at master bed room -- plan at canopy, plan at sill, front elevation, side elevation, section  Detail

2)Project 10. Fair Wind Residence (天風樓)
  • I-10-13/55 Key plans of windows & doors -- ground floor plan, roof plan  Detail
  • I-10-14/55 Details and schedule of steel windows and doors -- elevations of casements 1 to 23; plans of casements 1, 13, 14; section of casement 22  Detail
  • I-10-16/55 Details of tie boxes for closet 2, 3 -- plan, elevation, sections; typical details of closet drawers, brass roller, bronze handle, vents; details of closets at A, B, C, D, E; details of skirting, window board and curtain rail  Detail
  • I-10-23/55 Details of main door and aluminium louvres -- plans, elevations, sections, details  Detail
  • I-10-39/55 Design of glass casing to master bed room balcony -- plan, elevations  Detail
  • I-10-41/55 Design of aluminium louvres to master bed room -- key plan showing arrangement of units; plan and exterior elevation of one unit  Detail
  • I-10-49/55 Alterations to bed room windows -- plan, elevation  Detail
  • I-10-50/55 Details and schedule of bed room steel windows -- plan; elevations; sections at A, B, C, D-D, E-E, F-F; details showing tube mullion fixed to R.C.C rib indirectly, and directly  Detail

3)Project 12. Fisheries Reconstruction Agency Factories (漁業善後物資管理處)
  • I-12-6/20 Steel window schedules and details -- plans, elevations, sections  Detail

4)Project 14. Hill Road Tenement Building
  • I-14-25/43 Balcony treatment -- partial elevation; sections Y-Y; plans at X-X, X1-X1, X2-X2; details at A, B, C, D  Detail

5)Project 26. Peak Road Residence
  • I-26-3/32 Details of aluminium doors and windows 1 to 5 and steel windows I to V -- plans, elevations, sections, schedules  Detail

6)Project 29. Repulse Bay Towers (保華大廈)
  • I-29-67/147 Key plans for architectural details -- ground floor plan; typical floor plan, level 1-2, 3-4  Detail
  • I-29-68/147 Key plans for architectural details -- fourteenth floor plan, penthouse floor plan, penthouse kitchen floor plan, kitchen roof plan, machine room roof plan  Detail
  • I-29-69/147 Key plan for architectural details -- storeroom floor plan  Detail
  • I-29-85/147 Elevations of steel casement windows 1-18; typical section through window head and sill; section A-A; detail at mullion; schedule of steel casements  Detail
  • I-29-86/147 Details of aluminium doors 1, 3; glass louvres 5 to 12; section A-A; schedule; omitted plans  Detail
  • I-29-90/147 Typical window details with air condition unit -- elevation, section  Detail
  • I-29-97/147 Details of floor joints; skirting and dado; window sills; projections at canopy, parapet; typical details of granite curb, ramp  Detail

7)Project 31. Sea Charm Residence (山海樓)
  • I-31-6/127 Colour schemes for lower and upper staircase windows  Detail
  • I-31-7/127 Colour schemes for lower staircase windows  Detail
  • I-31-8/127 Colour schemes for upper staircase windows  Detail
  • I-31-22/127 Details of window feature -- plans, front and side elevations, details of vertical fin and gypsum plaster pattern  Detail
  • I-31-23/127 Details of curtain boxes for bed room and dining room windows -- key elevations, section  Detail
  • I-31-24/127 Details of curtain boxes for living room -- section  Detail
  • I-31-25/127 Details of iron grilles to windows at service quarters, master bathroom, daughter room bath and Chinese kitchen -- elevations  Detail
  • I-31-26/127 Details of window grille to master bedroom first floor -- plan, elevation, section  Detail
  • I-31-29/127 Details Of borrowed light windows A, B to ground floor corridor -- ground floor plan, elevations  Detail

8)Project 37. South Sea Textile Limited Company Office, School and Welfare Buildings (南海紗廠)
  • I-37-14/45 Window and door schedules for office and club house -- plans, elevations  Detail

9)Project 39. Unidentified Projects
  • I-39-26/47 Window details -- elevation and section of aluminium plate  Detail
  • I-39-27/47 Door and window details -- elevation, plan at A-A, section B-B  Detail
  • I-39-29/47 Window details (folding, fixed, opened) -- elevation, section, plans  Detail
  • I-39-30/47 Windows and venetian blinds  Detail