Luke Him Sau Architectural Collection

Peak Road Residence

Sheet no.: I-26-14/ 32
Size: 76 x 53
Scale: 1/4"=1'-0"; 1/2"=1'-0"; 3/4"=1'-0"; 1/4 full size; 1/2 full size; or full size

Details of master bedroom and hobby room -- elevations 11, 12, 13, 14, 15; reflected ceiling plan of light panel; sections through bed, light panel, dressing table, desk, bedside table, sound cabinet, book shelves, and brass pin bracket; details at A, B, C

ceilings ,furnitures ,lighting fixtures

details ,interior elevations ,isometrics ,pencil drawings ,reflected ceiling plans

designed by P.A.P.R.O. H.S. LUKE,drawn by W.R.(?) Lee,job no. 191 1966 1,drawing no. 2013,B.O.O. 2 2078 66,"Notes of Variation",date: 1966-6-30