Luke Him Sau Architectural Collection

Education / Luke Him Sau, Architect.

Record 3
This set consists of 5 study reports, 1 indenture, and 1 diploma.

List of items

  • Report of the fourth year, half term Wanchai District School II-3-1/7-1919-1-25;1 sheet Detail
  • Application for admission to Queen's College from Wanchai District School II-3-2/7-1919;1 sheet Detail
  • Indenture between Luke Check Man and Dennison Ram & Gibbs (Architects, Civil Engineers and Surveyors) for Luke Him Sau to apprentice at the firm for four years Dennison Ram & Gibbs II-3-3/7-1923-2-1;5 sheets Detail
  • Report of the third year The Architectural Association School of Architecture II-3-4/7-1927-1928;1 sheet Detail
  • Marks showing position of students in the third year II-3-5/7-1927-1928;1 sheet Luke Him Sau's position: 3 out of 40. Detail
  • Report of the fifth year II-3-6/7-1929-1930;1 sheet Detail
  • Architectural Association Diploma II-3-7/7-1930-7-11;1 sheet Detail