Luke Him Sau Architectural Collection

Project Drawings

Project 5. Central Bank of China Guangzhou Branch (中央銀行廣州分行)
1948,19 sheets,76 x 53 cm. ,or smaller

Scale 1/8"=1'-0"
This set consists of 19 ink drawings on tracing paper.

banks ,domitories ,foundations ,mezzanine ,parking ,roofs

elevations ,floor plans ,foundation plans ,framing plans ,ink drawings ,reference drawings ,roof plans ,sections ,site plans

Geographic Names:

List of Drawings (View all Images)
  • I-5-1/19 Site plan  Details
  • I-5-2/19 Ground floor framing plan  Details
  • I-5-3/19 Footing plan, sections 1-1, 2-2, 3-3, 4-4  Details
  • I-5-4/19 Basement floor plan  Details
  • I-5-5/19 Ground floor plan  Details
  • I-5-6/19 Mezzanine floor plan  Details
  • I-5-7/19 Second floor plan  Details
  • I-5-8/19 Third floor plan  Details
  • I-5-9/19 Fourth floor plan  Details
  • I-5-10/19 Fifth floor plan  Details
  • I-5-11/19 Roof plans  Details
  • I-5-12/19 South elevation  Details
  • I-5-13/19 North elevation  Details
  • I-5-14/19 East and west elevations  Details
  • I-5-15/19 Building sections -- 甲  Details
  • I-5-16/19 Building sections -- 乙, 丙  Details
  • I-5-17/19 First and second floor plans  Details
  • I-5-18/19 Footing plan, third floor plan, and roof plan  Details
  • I-5-19/19 Exterior elevations -- north, south; building sections -- 丁, 戊   Details