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Project M3. Weather Charts

This set consists of 2 prints on paper, 2 prints with ink markings on paper, 6 ink drawings on tracing paper, and 1 ink drawing with crayon markings on tracing paper.


charts ,ink drawings ,ink markings ,prints ,tables

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  • I-M3-1/11 Weather chart for Hong Kong -- table  Details
  • I-M3-2/11 Sun and shadow charts for Hong Kong   Details
  • I-M3-3/11 Sun chart and relevant data for Hong Kong -- plan; section; table of weather data; shadow charts 1, 2  Details
  • I-M3-4/11 Sun chart for Hong Kong -- plan, section, table  Details
  • I-M3-5/11 Sun chart -- plan, section, table  Details
  • I-M3-6/11 Table of sun declinations  Details
  • I-M3-7/11 Monthly weather chart (blank)  Details
  • I-M3-8/11 Monthly weather chart (blank)  Details
  • I-M3-9/11 Annually weather chart (blank)  Details
  • I-M3-10/11 Annually weather chart (blank copy)  Details
  • I-M3-11/11 Annually weather chart (blank copy)  Details