Luke Him Sau Architectural Collection

Project Drawings

Project 25. P.A.P.R.O Office
Interior design,Hong Kong
1959,18 sheets,76 x 50 cm. ,or smaller

Scale varies
This set consists of 1 pencil drawing on paper, 7 pencil drawing on tracing paper, 2 pencil drawing with ink markings on tracing paper, 2 ink drawings on paper, 4 ink drawings on tracing paper, and 2 ink drawings with pencil markings on tracing paper.

ceilings ,curtain boxes ,doors ,entrances ,entrances furniture ,furnitures ,graphics ,lettering ,lighting fixtures ,offices ,vents ,wall decorations

additions ,alterations ,details ,floor plans ,furniture plans ,ink drawings ,interior elevations ,pencil drawings ,preliminary designs ,reflected ceiling plans ,sketches

Geographic Names:
Hong Kong

List of Drawings (View all Images)
  • I-25-1/18 Interior layout and section showing alternative design 1  Details
  • I-25-2/18 Interior layout showing alternative design 1  Details
  • I-25-3/18 Interior layout showing alternative design 2  Details
  • I-25-4/18 Interior layout showing alternative design 3  Details
  • I-25-5/18 Alternative interior section  Details
  • I-25-6/18 Entrance hall renovation key plan; details of blinds to air vents -- section, elevations; hood to exhaust fan -- elevation, sections A-A, B-B; light tight panel to entrance door -- elevation, section; cancelled details of curtain rail  Details
  • I-25-7/18 Reception unit plan; ceiling plan; reception desk -- plan, elevations, sections D-D, E-E, details at A, B, C; typewriter desk -- plan, elevations; section through drawers A, B  Details
  • I-25-8/18 Entrance hall elevations  Details
  • I-25-9/18 Entrance door elevation  Details
  • I-25-10/18 Lamp shade details 1  Details
  • I-25-11/18 Lamp shade details 2  Details
  • I-25-12/18 Interior layout plan  Details
  • I-25-13/18 Interior section A-A  Details
  • I-25-14/18 Interior section B-B  Details
  • I-25-15/18 Interior section C-C, plan at D-D  Details
  • I-25-16/18 Details of new shelf -- plan, elevation, sections, detail at F   Details
  • I-25-17/18 Interior layout plan; elevations A, B; details of bench -- front and side elevations  Details
  • I-25-18/18 Details of shelves I, II and drawing files -- elevations, sections  Details