Luke Him Sau Architectural Collection

Project Drawings

Project M4. Miscellaneous

This set consists of 53 typescripts on paper, 32 typescripts on tracing paper, 24 pencil drawings on tracing paper, and 27 ink drawings on tracing paper.

access roads ,bathrooms ,furnitures ,kitchens ,parking

charts ,details ,ink drawings ,pencil drawings ,progress reports ,tables

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  • I-M4-1/48 Bathroom fixtures, kitchen equipment, and furniture -- plans, elevations, sections  Details
  • I-M4-2/48 Children's furniture, fixtures and equipment; closets; trays and shelves; roads and turns; garages and parking -- plans, elevations, sections  Details
  • I-M4-3/48 Research sheet  Details
  • I-M4-4/48 Record of job routine I  Details
  • I-M4-5/48 Record of job routine II  Details
  • I-M4-6/48 Essential details 1-11  Details
  • I-M4-7/48 Essential details 12-14  Details
  • I-M4-8/48 List of standard drawings  Details
  • I-M4-9/48 Door and window schedules (blank)  Details
  • I-M4-10/48 Schedules of room finishes and fixtures (blank)  Details
  • I-M4-11/48 Schedules of decorative features and electrical points (blank)  Details
  • I-M4-12/48 Schedules of sanitary and electrical fixtures (blank)  Details
  • I-M4-13/48 Record for permits (blank)  Details
  • I-M4-14/48 Progressive jobs (blank)  Details
  • I-M4-15/48 Report on overdue work (blank)  Details
  • I-M4-16/48 Work progress record (blank)  Details
  • I-M4-17/48 Work progress record (blank)  Details
  • I-M4-18/48 Job number record (blank)  Details
  • I-M4-19/48 Job indication, office work (blank)  Details
  • I-M4-20/48 Job indication, field work (blank)  Details
  • I-M4-21/48 Client record (blank)  Details
  • I-M4-22/48 Contract record (blank)  Details
  • I-M4-23/48 Tendering record (blank)  Details
  • I-M4-24/48 Government dealings, group I (blank)  Details
  • I-M4-25/48 Government dealings, group II (blank)  Details
  • I-M4-26/48 Utility companies' dealing (blank)  Details
  • I-M4-27/48 Land value record (blank)  Details
  • I-M4-28/48 Manufacturer record (blank)  Details
  • I-M4-29/48 Records of photographic equipments (blank)  Details
  • I-M4-30/48 Contract cover sheet -- IL 5184  Details
  • I-M4-31/48 Contract cover sheet -- KIL 6014  Details
  • I-M4-32/48 Specification cover sheet -- IL 1898  Details
  • I-M4-33/48 Specification cover sheet -- ILs 5850&5851  Details
  • I-M4-34/48 Job filing records  Details
  • I-M4-35/48 Job filing records  Details
  • I-M4-36/48 Job filing records  Details
  • I-M4-37/48 Job filing records  Details
  • I-M4-38/48 Job filing records  Details
  • I-M4-39/48 Job filing records -- complete jobs  Details
  • I-M4-40/48 Job filing records -- complete jobs (blank)  Details
  • I-M4-41/48 Job filing records (blank)  Details
  • I-M4-42/48 Job filing records (blank)  Details
  • I-M4-43/48 General accounts (blank)  Details
  • I-M4-44/48 Detail accounts (blank)  Details
  • I-M4-45/48 Drawing accounts -- R.C.C. details (blank)  Details
  • I-M4-46/48 Drawing accounts (blank)  Details
  • I-M4-47/48 Drawing accounts (blank)  Details
  • I-M4-48/48 Blank chart  Details