Luke Him Sau Architectural Collection

Project Drawings

Project 31. Sea Charm Residence (山海樓)
1,residence,Repulse Bay ,Hong Kong
1950-1962,127 sheets,97 x 69 cm. ,or smaller

Scale varies
This set consists of 18 pencil drawings on tracing paper, 1 pencil drawing with crayon markings on tracing paper, 1 pencil and ink drawing on tracing paper, 19 ink drawings on paper, 74 ink drawings on tracing paper, 1 ink drawing with crayon markings on paper, 7 ink drawings with crayon markings on tracing paper, and 1 crayon drawing with ink markings on tracing paper.

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additions ,alterations ,completed jobs ,crayon drawings ,details ,diagrams ,elevations ,floor plans ,furniture plans ,ink drawings ,interior elevations ,pencil drawings ,perspective drawings ,reflected ceiling plans ,schedules ,sections ,site plans ,sketches

Geographic Names:
Hong Kong ,RBL 409 ,Repulse Bay

List of Drawings (View all Images)
  • I-31-1/127 Site plan showing lot boundary  Details
  • I-31-2/127 Site plan of existing garden   Details
  • I-31-3/127 Plans and section of stairs -- ground floor plan, first floor plan, basement plan, section  Details
  • I-31-4/127 Details of joints for stair railing -- plan at bottom joint; sections through joints at top and bottom  Details
  • I-31-5/127 Details of staircase carpeting -- ground floor plan, first floor plan  Details
  • I-31-6/127 Colour schemes for lower and upper staircase windows  Details
  • I-31-7/127 Colour schemes for lower staircase windows  Details
  • I-31-8/127 Colour schemes for upper staircase windows  Details
  • I-31-9/127 Schedules of works -- plaster, wall tiles, metal work, glazing, miscellaneous  Details
  • I-31-10/127 Schedules of works -- concrete, reinforcement, joinery work, pavior  Details
  • I-31-11/127 Door schedule and details -- detail of double door; elevations of sliding door and hardwood door MK 34  Details
  • I-31-12/127 Details of sliding door to ladies toilet ground floor -- plan, inside elevation, section  Details
  • I-31-13/127 Details of bronze sliding gate and glass front door at main entrance -- plans, sections  Details
  • I-31-14/127 Details of double door to living room -- elevation, section  Details
  • I-31-15/127 Details of grilles above music room slide of door and dining room door to pantry -- elevations  Details
  • I-31-16/127 Elevations of dining room to pantry door, men's toilet door, first floor service yard door and pantry door to kitchen  Details
  • I-31-17/127 Detail of mirror door to master's study room -- door frame section  Details
  • I-31-18/127 Details of door spring hinge -- plans, elevation, section  Details
  • I-31-19/127 Details of living room folding door hardware -- plan, elevation  Details
  • I-31-20/127 Details of pivot hinge for folding door between living room and bar -- key plan and elevation; detailed plan, elevation and section  Details
  • I-31-21/127 Details of shower bath sliding door to master bed room -- key plan and elevation; detailed plan and section  Details
  • I-31-22/127 Details of window feature -- plans, front and side elevations, details of vertical fin and gypsum plaster pattern  Details
  • I-31-23/127 Details of curtain boxes for bed room and dining room windows -- key elevations, section  Details
  • I-31-24/127 Details of curtain boxes for living room -- section  Details
  • I-31-25/127 Details of iron grilles to windows at service quarters, master bathroom, daughter room bath and Chinese kitchen -- elevations  Details
  • I-31-26/127 Details of window grille to master bedroom first floor -- plan, elevation, section  Details
  • I-31-27/127 Living room sun blind -- elevation  Details
  • I-31-28/127 Living room sun blind -- elevation  Details
  • I-31-29/127 Details Of borrowed light windows A, B to ground floor corridor -- ground floor plan, elevations  Details
  • I-31-30/127 Ventilation details for ground floor rooms not being air-conditioned -- plans of main kitchen, powder room, and men's toilet  Details
  • I-31-31/127 Amended ventilation details for ground floor rooms not being air-conditioned -- plans of main kitchen, powder room, and men's toilet  Details
  • I-31-32/127 Design for a Chinese kitchen -- plan, detail of toilet arrangement  Details
  • I-31-33/127 Details of Chinese kitchen -- plan and elevation  Details
  • I-31-34/127 Detail of Chinese kitchen -- plan and elevations  Details
  • I-31-35/127 Detail of open shelf cabinet to Chinese kitchen -- elevation, section, detail of corner  Details
  • I-31-36/127 Details of two-way serving cabinet to kitchen -- plan, elevation, sections A, B  Details
  • I-31-37/127 Details of boys' room suite -- plan of furniture arrangement; plan, elevation and section of closet  Details
  • I-31-38/127 Alterations to boys' room suite -- plan of furniture arrangement  Details
  • I-31-39/127 Alterations to boys' room suite -- plan of furniture arrangement; details of closets -- plans, elevations, sections; section of curtain box  Details
  • I-31-40/127 Details of boys' room wall decoration -- elevation  Details
  • I-31-41/127 Detail of boys' room picture frame -- elevation  Details
  • I-31-42/127 Detail of black board, children's play room -- plan, elevation, section  Details
  • I-31-43/127 Details of mirror, daughters' room -- elevation, section A  Details
  • I-31-44/127 Ceiling plan and light panel design for family room -- reflected ceiling plan; plan, section, detail of light panel  Details
  • I-31-45/127 Colour scheme for living room -- reflected ceiling plan  Details
  • I-31-46/127 Furniture arrangement for living room, scheme 2 -- layout plan  Details
  • I-31-47/127 Details of guest room: entrance treatment -- plan, elevation and section; bead curtain screen -- elevation, sections A, B, C  Details
  • I-31-48/127 Design for addition table to guest room -- plan, front and side elevations, sections A, B  Details
  • I-31-49/127 Design for addition table to guest room -- plan, front and side elevations, sections A, B  Details
  • I-31-50/127 Master bedroom closets and louvres -- plan, elevation, section, detail  Details
  • I-31-51/127 Design for master bedroom window seat and family room built in seat-- plans, elevation, sections R, S, T  Details
  • I-31-52/127 Design for master bedroom twinbed, bed stool; study room desk, cupboard, and book shelves -- elevations  Details
  • I-31-53/127 Design for master bedroom table -- key plan, plan, elevation, detail of fixing screw  Details
  • I-31-54/127 Design for serving table and stool to master bedroom -- plans and elevations  Details
  • I-31-55/127 Design for serving table to master bedroom -- plan and elevations  Details
  • I-31-56/127 Design for music cabinet to master bedroom -- plan and elevations  Details
  • I-31-57/127 Alterations to dressing room to master bedroom -- plan; elevations 1, 2, 3; detail of curtain box  Details
  • I-31-58/127 Design for bar cabinet hardwares master's study -- section through door; details of hardwares  Details
  • I-31-59/127 Alterations to master bedroom furniture -- key plan; plan, front view and section of new cabinet  Details
  • I-31-60/127 Details of telephone booth -- plan, sections, detail  Details
  • I-31-61/127 Design for contour chair -- side elevation  Details
  • I-31-62/127 Furniture design -- plan and section  Details
  • I-31-63/127 Furniture design -- plan and section  Details
  • I-31-64/127 Design for day bed -- elevations  Details
  • I-31-65/127 Design for day bed -- elevations and details  Details
  • I-31-66/127 Design for adjustable piano bench and bathroom benches -- plans and elevations  Details
  • I-31-67/127 Design for combined cabinet for gramophone and recording machine -- elevations, key diagram for furniture arrangement  Details
  • I-31-68/127 Design for combined cabinet and radio front -- elevations  Details
  • I-31-69/127 Design for telephone bracket -- plan, elevation, section  Details
  • I-31-70/127 Details for table tennis table -- plan and elevation; detail of carpet strip under door; design for music stand -- plans, elevations, details at A, B, C  Details
  • I-31-71/127 Design for guest room bed, writing table, chairs, desks, children's room table and bed side table, refrigerator case, seat, book case, and bar cabinet -- plans, elevations, sections  Details
  • I-31-72/127 Design for study room book case, dining room extended table, toilet circular cabinet, master desk, dressing tables to powder room and master dressing room, etc. -- plans, elevations, sections, details  Details
  • I-31-73/127 Design for boys' room folding bed, stair hall low table, family room coffee table, children's bed, game table, sofa and coffee table to living room, coffee table and shaving cabinet to master study, desk and dressing table to daughters' room, window seat and bed side table to master bedroom -- plans, elevations, sections   Details
  • I-31-74/127 Details of closet door vent hole fittings -- elevation, section  Details
  • I-31-75/127 Details of Knob for all sliding top and bottom hung carbine doors -- plan, section  Details
  • I-31-76/127 Detail of Wind Pointer to top circular tower at roof -- plan and elevation  Details
  • I-31-77/127 Sculpture design for music room -- plan and elevation  Details
  • I-31-78/127 Design for plate showing geographic coordinates of the building site -- plan and section 1-1  Details
  • I-31-79/127 Details of letters and bolt to silver plates -- elevation, section, detail  Details
  • I-31-80/127 Details of floor lamp -- plans, side elevation, section  Details
  • I-31-81/127 Design for lighting fixture to the dining room -- plan, elevation, perspective  Details
  • I-31-82/127 Details of lighting fixture for lady dressing table -- front elevation and section  Details
  • I-31-83/127 Detail of lighting fixture for living room -- elevations, details of lamp base, receptions A, B, C and ball socket  Details
  • I-31-84/127 Design for lighting fixtures A, B to stair hall -- key plan, plans, elevations  Details
  • I-31-85/127 Details of lighting fixture to game's room -- plan and section  Details
  • I-31-86/127 Design for lighting fixtures to living room, entrance porch north wall, entrance gate, powder room hallway -- elevations and perspectives  Details
  • I-31-87/127 Alterations to entrance court -- key plan and elevation; elevations of new doors to servant court and to garage; plan, elevation and section of front gate  Details
  • I-31-88/127 Details of additional water course to front court -- site plan; detailed plan of water course; sections through road, cliff, water course  Details
  • I-31-89/127 Amended design for front gate -- plan, elevation, section; details of curtain box for dining room  Details
  • I-31-90/127 Alterations to entrance court -- plan, elevation and section of additional flower bed  Details
  • I-31-91/127 Details of fountain head -- plan and section  Details
  • I-31-92/127 Amended details of fountain head -- plan, elevation, section  Details
  • I-31-93/127 Alterations to parking space at entrance -- plan, elevation, section  Details
  • I-31-94/127 Details of parking space, lighting -- plan, elevation, section  Details
  • I-31-95/127 Site plan of swimming pool in garden  Details
  • I-31-96/127 Design for swimming pool -- plan and section  Details
  • I-31-97/127 Design for swimming pool -- plan, section, lettering details  Details
  • I-31-98/127 Details of diving tower and diving board to swimming pool -- key plan, plans, elevations, sections, details  Details
  • I-31-99/127 Details of diving tower to swimming pool -- plan and elevation  Details
  • I-31-100/127 Details of diving tower to swimming pool -- partial elevation  Details
  • I-31-101/127 Detail of concealed flushing lamp for swimming pool -- cross section; plan at X-X; detail at A; plan and details of manhole cover  Details
  • I-31-102/127 Details of manhole covers to swimming pool lighting -- plan; section A-A, B-B  Details
  • I-31-103/127 Design of swimming pool changing pavilion -- plan, sections W, V; garden glass screen -- plan, section of column foundation  Details
  • I-31-104/127 Details of swimming pool changing pavilion -- plan, section, details of coat hangers, seat sections A, B  Details
  • I-31-105/127 Details of sun blind screen for music room windows -- key plan, plan, front and side elevations, details at A, B  Details
  • I-31-106/127 Details of aluminium fins to sun blind screen for music room windows -- plan and elevation of west wing, plan of east wing  Details
  • I-31-107/127 Rough sketch of site plan of walk path in garden   Details
  • I-31-108/127 Site plan of walk path in garden   Details
  • I-31-109/127 Additions to porch in garden -- plan, section A-A, detail of roof at eave  Details
  • I-31-110/127 Porch details -- plan, section, details of pool  Details
  • I-31-111/127 Details of garden lamp and railing -- elevations and details; door pull for family room  Details
  • I-31-112/127 Details of garden railing -- elevations  Details
  • I-31-113/127 Details of garden lamp -- plan and elevations   Details
  • I-31-114/127 Additions to entrance parking space -- rough sketch of site plan  Details
  • I-31-115/127 Additions to entrance parking space -- site plan  Details
  • I-31-116/127 Additions to entrance parking space -- amended site plan  Details
  • I-31-117/127 Additions to entrance parking space -- amended site plan  Details
  • I-31-118/127 Details of additional parking space -- plan, elevations of garage; section and elevations of name plate; plan and section of seat  Details
  • I-31-119/127 Details of additional parking space -- key plan, elevation of house name plate, details at A, B, C  Details
  • I-31-120/127 Design for birds' cage -- plan, elevations, section  Details
  • I-31-121/127 Details of birds' cage -- plans and section of birds' bath  Details
  • I-31-122/127 Details of dog and chicken house -- plan, elevation, section  Details
  • I-31-123/127 Alterations to paved court -- site plan  Details
  • I-31-124/127 Miscellaneous details -- dressing room elevation, detail of mirror joint; plan and elevation of garden wall; plans of guest toilet and men's toilet; details of front gate architrave and brass carpet strip  Details
  • I-31-125/127 Miscellaneous details of air outlet panels, switch plates, sun screen units to ground floor porch and stone tablet of building name -- elevations, sections, details  Details
  • I-31-126/127 Miscellaneous detail  Details
  • I-31-127/127 Design for additional suction pipe -- site plan, details of pipe support posts  Details