Luke Him Sau Architectural Collection

Project Drawings

Project 10. Fair Wind Residence (天風樓)
2-story,residence,Repulse Bay ,Hong Kong
1956-1965 ,55 sheets,76 x 60 cm. ,or smaller

Scale varies
This set consists of 1 ink and watercolour wash drawing on paper, 2 prints on tracing paper, 26 pencil drawings on tracing paper, 3 pencil and ink drawings on tracing paper, 22 ink drawings on tracing paper, and 1 ink drawing with crayon markings on tracing paper.

access roads ,balconies ,building sites ,ceilings ,curtain boxes ,doors ,drains ,entrances ,floors ,furnitures ,gardens ,kitchens ,lettering ,lighting fixtures ,louvres ,name plates ,parapets ,partitions ,pet houses ,railings ,residences ,roofs ,sheds ,skirtings ,vents ,wells ,windows

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Geographic Names:
Hong Kong ,RBL 168 A 2 ,Repulse Bay

List of Drawings (View all Images)
  • I-10-1/55 Presentation drawing -- north and south elevations  Details
  • I-10-2/55 Block plan and section diagram  Details
  • I-10-3/55 Site formation plan, details of catchwater and surface channel  Details
  • I-10-4/55 Site sections 1-1, 2-2, 3-3, 4-4; profile through approach foot path  Details
  • I-10-5/55 Amended block plan  Details
  • I-10-6/55 Ground floor interior layout plan  Details
  • I-10-7/55 Ground floor plan and roof plan  Details
  • I-10-8/55 Exterior elevations -- north-east, south-east, south-west, north-west; building sections A-A; B-B  Details
  • I-10-9/55 Revised plan of storm water course on roof  Details
  • I-10-10/55 Amended ground floor plan and roof plan  Details
  • I-10-11/55 Amended exterior elevations -- north-east, north-west, partial south-west; section A-A  Details
  • I-10-12/55 Basement floor plan -- alterations  Details
  • I-10-13/55 Key plans of windows & doors -- ground floor plan, roof plan  Details
  • I-10-14/55 Details and schedule of steel windows and doors -- elevations of casements 1 to 23; plans of casements 1, 13, 14; section of casement 22  Details
  • I-10-15/55 Details of closets 2, 3, 4, 5 -- plans, elevations, sections; cancelled details of closet 1  Details
  • I-10-16/55 Details of tie boxes for closet 2, 3 -- plan, elevation, sections; typical details of closet drawers, brass roller, bronze handle, vents; details of closets at A, B, C, D, E; details of skirting, window board and curtain rail  Details
  • I-10-17/55 Details of door A and main entrance -- plans, elevation, section; door B, C, D, E, F -- sections at A-A, B-B, typical details of door frames  Details
  • I-10-18/55 Details of kitchen and pantry -- interior layout plan; interior elevations A-A, B-B, C-C; details at E, F  Details
  • I-10-19/55 Details of closets 1 and door F -- plan, elevations, section; details of closets at F, G, H  Details
  • I-10-20/55 Details of birds' house -- key plan; plan at C, F; sections A-A, B-B, D-D, E-E; elevation and section of birds' nests  Details
  • I-10-21/55 Additional covered way -- ground floor plan, roof plan, sections X-X, Y-Y  Details
  • I-10-22/55 Additional covered way -- ground floor plan, roof plan, sections X-X, Y-Y  Details
  • I-10-23/55 Details of main door and aluminium louvres -- plans, elevations, sections, details  Details
  • I-10-24/55 Detail of flower bed -- key plan, elevation, section A-A  Details
  • I-10-25/55 Detail of lighting fixture at entrance -- elevation  Details
  • I-10-26/55 Details of floor lamp -- elevation; plan at A-A, B-B  Details
  • I-10-27/55 Details of spot light -- back, front, side elevations; longitudinal, cross sections; detail at A  Details
  • I-10-28/55 Floor pattern design for garden entrance -- plan   Details
  • I-10-29/55 Details of trellis to covered way; railings in front garden  Details
  • I-10-30/55 Additions to covered way at entrance -- plan of floor patterns  Details
  • I-10-31/55 Design for sun shade at entrance -- key plan, section  Details
  • I-10-32/55 Details of flower pots to garden -- plans, sections  Details
  • I-10-33/55 Details of pool and flower pots to garden -- plans, elevations, sections, omitted details  Details
  • I-10-34/55 Design for name plate -- elevation  Details
  • I-10-35/55 Amended design for name plate -- lettering; side, front, top elevations; section X-X; details at Y, Z; and for access road parapet -- plan, elevations, section A-A, B-B  Details
  • I-10-36/55 Design for lettering to name plate -- "111 repulse bay road"  Details
  • I-10-37/55 Design for Chinese characters -- "天風樓"  Details
  • I-10-38/55 Design of railings to master bed room balcony -- plan, elevations, section  Details
  • I-10-39/55 Design of glass casing to master bed room balcony -- plan, elevations  Details
  • I-10-40/55 Furniture design for living room -- plan  Details
  • I-10-41/55 Design of aluminium louvres to master bed room -- key plan showing arrangement of units; plan and exterior elevation of one unit  Details
  • I-10-42/55 Additions to living room -- interior layout scheme A, B  Details
  • I-10-43/55 Design for a partition at entrance lobby -- key plan; plans at level A, B, C; elevations; sections 1, 2, 3  Details
  • I-10-44/55 Design for living room partition -- key plan; elevation; details at A, B, C, D  Details
  • I-10-45/55 Design for partitions at entrance lobby and dining room -- key plan; key sections A-A, B-B; plans, elevations, sections of partitions A, B; details at 1 to 6  Details
  • I-10-46/55 Alterations to living room -- re-arrangement of furniture; reflected ceiling plans showing lighting fixtures; colour scheme for walls and ceilings  Details
  • I-10-47/55 Furniture design -- front and side elevations of easy chair, sofa, arm chair; elevations and perspective of dining chair  Details
  • I-10-48/55 Furniture design for living room -- key plan; plans and elevations of Chinese style sofa, sofa 2, arm chair 1, 2, cabinet, table 3, low seat  Details
  • I-10-49/55 Alterations to bed room windows -- plan, elevation  Details
  • I-10-50/55 Details and schedule of bed room steel windows -- plan; elevations; sections at A, B, C, D-D, E-E, F-F; details showing tube mullion fixed to R.C.C rib indirectly, and directly  Details
  • I-10-51/55 Details of picture frame -- elevations; plan at top; sections A-A, B-B  Details
  • I-10-52/55 Drainage plans -- site plan, ground floor plan  Details
  • I-10-53/55 Drainage plans -- southeast and southwest elevations, section A-A, block plan  Details
  • I-10-54/55 Amended site plan showing position of flushing water supply; cancelled details of well -- plan, section  Details
  • I-10-55/55 Amended drainage plans -- site plan, ground floor plan, section X-X  Details