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Project 12. Fisheries Reconstruction Agency Factories (漁業善後物資管理處)
1948,20 sheets,77 x 51 cm.

Scale varies
This set consists of 20 prints on paper.

beams ,brackets ,columns ,concrete ,entrances ,factories ,floors ,foundations ,mezzanine ,penthouses ,roofs ,slabs ,stairs ,storerooms ,tanks ,walls ,windows

details ,elevations ,floor plans ,foundation plans ,framing plans ,prints ,reference drawings ,roof plans ,schedules ,sections ,site plans ,structural drawings

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  • I-12-1/20 Site plan, footing plan and section  Details
  • I-12-2/20 First floor plan and mezzanine floor plan  Details
  • I-12-3/20 Second floor plan and roof plan  Details
  • I-12-4/20 Building elevation -- side; entrance elevations -- front and back; building sections -- 戊, 己; section through filter tank; detail of flooring  Details
  • I-12-5/20 Building elevation -- back; building sections -- 甲, 乙, 丙, 丁; detail of flooring  Details
  • I-12-6/20 Steel window schedules and details -- plans, elevations, sections  Details
  • I-12-7/20 Structural framing plan -- roof level  Details
  • I-12-8/20 Structural framing plan -- first floor and roof level  Details
  • I-12-9/20 R.C.C. details of beams, slabs -- mezzanine floor and roof level  Details
  • I-12-10/20 R.C.C. details of beams -- roof level  Details
  • I-12-11/20 R.C.C. details of beams, tank walls -- roof level  Details
  • I-12-12/20 R.C.C. details of beams -- first floor  Details
  • I-12-13/20 R.C.C. details of beams -- first floor and mezzanine floor  Details
  • I-12-14/20 R.C.C. details of beams -- first floor  Details
  • I-12-15/20 R.C.C. details of beams -- first floor  Details
  • I-12-16/20 R.C.C. details of beams -- first floor  Details
  • I-12-17/20 R.C.C. details of beams, brackets -- first floor and foundation; column and column footing schedules  Details
  • I-12-18/20 R.C.C. details of beams -- foundation; standard details and schedules of column and column footing   Details
  • I-12-19/20 Framing plan and R.C.C. details of stairs  Details
  • I-12-20/20 Framing plan and R.C.C. details of beams, walls, slabs -- penthouse and filter tank  Details