Luke Him Sau Architectural Collection

Project Drawings

Project 39. Unidentified Projects
34,projects,Hong Kong
1949-1964,47 sheets,78 x 58 cm. ,or smaller

Scale varies
This set consists of 4 prints on paper, 2 pencil drawings on paper, 6 pencil drawings on tracing paper, 2 pencil and crayon drawings on paper, 1 pencil and watercolour wash drawing on paper, 6 pencil and ink drawings on tracing paper, 2 pencil drawings with ink markings on tracing paper, 14 ink drawings on tracing paper, 2 ink and crayon drawings on tracing paper, 6 ink and watercolour wash drawings on paper, and 7 ink drawings with pencil or crayon markings or attached paper models on tracing paper.

apartments ,composite buildings ,doors ,drains ,entrances ,expansion joints ,foundations ,fountains ,furnitures ,gardens ,graphics ,lettering ,pavilions ,residences ,roofs ,schools ,skirtings ,tanks ,wells ,windows

alterations ,crayon drawings ,details ,diagrams ,elevations ,floor plans ,furniture plans ,ink drawings ,interior elevations ,pencil drawings ,perspective drawings ,preliminary designs ,prints ,renderings ,roof plans ,schedules ,site plans ,sketches ,tables ,watercolour wash drawings

Geographic Names:
Hong Kong

List of Drawings (View all Images)
  • I-39-1/47 Composite building -- perspective rendering  Details
  • I-39-2/47 Garden pavilion -- perspective rendering  Details
  • I-39-3/47 Furniture design -- oak twin beds  Details
  • I-39-4/47 Furniture design -- glass coffee table  Details
  • I-39-5/47 Furniture design -- chair and arm chair  Details
  • I-39-6/47 Furniture design -- blackwood cabinet  Details
  • I-39-7/47 Mosaic fountain  Details
  • I-39-8/47 School site plan  Details
  • I-39-9/47 House -- ground floor plan, first floor plan, east-north elevation  Details
  • I-39-10/47 Residence -- site plan  Details
  • I-39-11/47 Residence -- alternative floor plans  Details
  • I-39-12/47 House -- ground floor plan and first floor plan  Details
  • I-39-13/47 Alternative design for residence -- ground and first floor plans  Details
  • I-39-14/47 Alternative design for residence -- amended ground and first floor plans  Details
  • I-39-15/47 Alternative design for residence -- amended ground and first floor plans  Details
  • I-39-16/47 School building -- ground floor plan and mezzanine floor plan  Details
  • I-39-17/47 School building -- first floor plan  Details
  • I-39-18/47 School building -- second floor plan  Details
  • I-39-19/47 Apartment building -- ground floor plan and second floor plan  Details
  • I-39-20/47 Apartment building -- first floor plan and roof plan  Details
  • I-39-21/47 Apartment building -- typical floor plan  Details
  • I-39-22/47 Apartment remodelling -- interior layout plan  Details
  • I-39-23/47 Apartment remodelling -- interior layout plan  Details
  • I-39-24/47 Entrance hall renovation -- plan; elevations; details of entrance door, door to letter boxes, plywood panel, mosaic facing  Details
  • I-39-25/47 Peut house -- details of living room bar cabinet, sofa seats, table, low table, bar chairs -- plans, elevations, section  Details
  • I-39-26/47 Window details -- elevation and section of aluminium plate  Details
  • I-39-27/47 Door and window details -- elevation, plan at A-A, section B-B  Details
  • I-39-28/47 Door details (flush, battened, self closing) -- elevations, plans, details  Details
  • I-39-29/47 Window details (folding, fixed, opened) -- elevation, section, plans  Details
  • I-39-30/47 Windows and venetian blinds  Details
  • I-39-31/47 Barcelona stool -- plans, side view, end view  Details
  • I-39-32/47 Detail of easel -- plans of base board, elevation, sections A, B, C, D, E  Details
  • I-39-33/47 Roof details -- expansion joint -- sections, plans, at roof, external wall, column, between floor and ceiling; rain water pipes -- sections through pipe outlet and duct  Details
  • I-39-34/47 Details of basement waterproofing and skirtings  Details
  • I-39-35/47 Detail of deep well  Details
  • I-39-36/47 Details of septic tank -- plan, section A-A  Details
  • I-39-37/47 Details of septic tank -- plans, sections A-A, B-B; manholes -- plans, sections  Details
  • I-39-38/47 Drainage details -- manhole -- plan, sections A-A, B-B, C-C, section through disconnecting chamber, drain bed; septic tank and filter tank -- plans, sections D-D, E-E, F-F, G-G; foul water drainage -- land drain, pit  Details
  • I-39-39/47 Landscape design -- site plan  Details
  • I-39-40/47 Graphic design  Details
  • I-39-41/47 Graphic design 1  Details
  • I-39-42/47 Graphic design 2  Details
  • I-39-43/47 Graphic design 1  Details
  • I-39-44/47 Graphic design 2  Details
  • I-39-45/47 Design for letters -- "M, P, U, K, E, W, S, T, N"; numbers -- "8, 4, 2, 6, 9, 1, 5, 3, 10"  Details
  • I-39-46/47 Design for letters -- "A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, L, N, R, S, T"; numbers -- "0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9"  Details
  • I-39-47/47 Unidentified drawing  Details