Luke Him Sau Architectural Collection

Project Drawings

Project 26. Peak Road Residence
Interior design,The Peak ,Hong Kong
1966-1967,32 sheets,76 x 53 cm. ,or smaller

Scale varies
This set consists of 3 pencil drawings on tracing paper, 2 pencil and ink drawings on tracing paper, and 27 pencil drawings with ink markings on tracing paper.

bathrooms ,ceilings ,concrete ,curtain boxes ,doors ,entrances ,fireplaces ,floors ,furnitures ,gardens ,graphics ,grilles ,joints ,kitchens ,ladders ,lettering ,lighting fixtures ,memorials ,partitions ,pergolas ,pet houses ,railings ,residences ,roofs ,skirtings ,stairs ,typhoon boards ,vents ,wall decorations ,walls ,windows

alterations ,approved drawings ,details ,diagrams ,elevations ,floor plans ,framing plans ,furniture plans ,ink drawings ,interior elevations ,isometrics ,pencil drawings ,reflected ceiling plans ,roof plans ,schedules ,sections

Geographic Names:
Hong Kong ,RBL 719 ,The Peak

List of Drawings (View all Images)
  • I-26-1/32 Key plan 1 -- ground floor plan   Details
  • I-26-2/32 Key plan 2 -- first floor plan   Details
  • I-26-3/32 Details of aluminium doors and windows 1 to 5 and steel windows I to V -- plans, elevations, sections, schedules  Details
  • I-26-4/32 Details of doors A to M -- elevations, schedules  Details
  • I-26-5/32 Details of doors at 1-1 to 9-9 -- plans, sections  Details
  • I-26-6/32 Details of entrance hall -- elevations G1, G2, G3; plans, sections and details at A - G  Details
  • I-26-7/32 Amended details of entrance hall -- plans of entrance hall and R.C.C. pergola; elevations G1, G2, G3; section X-X, Y-Y; details at A, B, and star light  Details
  • I-26-8/32 Details of entrance hall -- elevation of gypsum plaster; elevation and detail of lighting fixtures; sections H-H, I-I; plan at J-J  Details
  • I-26-9/32 Details of low partition for bar -- plan; elevations; section A-A; details at B, C, D; detailed plans at E, F, G  Details
  • I-26-10/32 Details of bar -- plan; elevations; sections A-A, B-B; detailed sections of leather seat, counter, and glass shelves  Details
  • I-26-11/32 Details of fireplace -- plan; sections A-A, B-B; details of leather sofa and fire grating  Details
  • I-26-12/32 Details of family shrine -- elevation; section A-A; plan at B-B; details of carving board with Chinese lettering, teak side board, and plastic mural   Details
  • I-26-13/32 Details of kitchen -- elevations G4, G5, G6, G7; sections through cabinet and server  Details
  • I-26-14/32 Details of master bedroom and hobby room -- elevations 11, 12, 13, 14, 15; reflected ceiling plan of light panel; sections through bed, light panel, dressing table, desk, bedside table, sound cabinet, book shelves, and brass pin bracket; details at A, B, C  Details
  • I-26-15/32 Details of closets for master bedroom and bedroom 1 -- plans at A-A, C-C; elevations; inside arrangements; sections B-B, D-D; details at E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L; section and isometric view of tie hanger; details of brass vent hole  Details
  • I-26-16/32 Details of closets for bedroom 2and baby's room -- plans at A-A, C-C; elevations; inside arrangements; sections B-B, D-D; sections and details of teak tray and shoe rack  Details
  • I-26-17/32 Details of closet for cloak room -- key plan; plans at A-A; elevation; inside arrangement; sections B-B; details of teak drawer, umbrella rack and holder  Details
  • I-26-18/32 Details of guest toilet, baths for bedroom 2 and baby's room -- plans; sections X-X, Y-Y; details of dressing table  Details
  • I-26-19/32 Amended details of baths for bedroom 2 and baby's room -- plans; sections X-X, Y-Y; details of floor joints  Details
  • I-26-20/32 Details of master bedroom -- plans, sections X-X, X1-X1, Y-Y, detailed plan at O-O, detail at N; section through curtain box; details of dressing table for bedroom 2 -- section P-P, Q-Q, details at R, S; details of cabinet for guest toilet -- plan at U-U, section T-T  Details
  • I-26-21/32 Details of vent boxes A, B -- key plans; plan; elevations; sections G-G, H-H, J-J; details at C, D, E, F  Details
  • I-26-22/32 Details of stairs -- ground floor plan; first floor plan; section A-A, B-B; elevation F; detailed plan at C, D, E  Details
  • I-26-23/32 Details of lighting fixtures La, Lb, Lc, Ld, Le, Lf -- sections, elevations, details; section through floor socket box  Details
  • I-26-24/32 Alterations to lighting fixture Le -- section and elevations  Details
  • I-26-25/32 Details of R.C.C. pergola -- framing plan, sections; aluminium railing at terrace and roof railing -- elevations, section, details B, C, D, E  Details
  • I-26-26/32 Miscellaneous details of skylight -- reflected ceiling plan, section A-A, B-B; marble floor pattern for main entrance -- plan, section C-C; concrete grilles -- elevation, section D-D; exterior details -- key elevation, sections at E, F; section through flower bed  Details
  • I-26-27/32 Alterations to roof -- section  Details
  • I-26-28/32 Details of roof railing and ladder -- roof plan; elevations; sections A-A, B-B, through railing, railing upon party wall, and plinth  Details
  • I-26-29/32 Details of typhoon boards for doors1, 3 and windows 4 -- plans; elevations; sections A-A, B-B, C-C; elevation and plan of movable M.S. channel; details of brass fixing bolt  Details
  • I-26-30/32 Details of Japanese garden and birds' cage - plan; sections X-X, Y-Y; elevation and section of bird cage; details at A, B, C, E, F, G, H  Details
  • I-26-31/32 Details of Japanese garden and birds' cage - elevations from terrace and street; plans at K-K, L-L; sections at M, N, O, through sliding door; diagram showing circulation of water fall and fountain  Details
  • I-26-32/32 Details of roof to Japanese garden -- roof plan; ceiling plan; partial south elevation; section A-A, D-D, E-E; details at B, C  Details