Luke Him Sau Architectural Collection

Project Drawings

Project 2. Aquamarine Residence (綠波)
2-story,residence,Stanley ,Hong Kong
1953-1963,95 sheets,76 x 63 cm. ,or smaller

Scale varies
This set consists of 1 print on paper, 5 prints with pencil markings on paper, 3 pencil drawings on paper, 10 pencil drawings on tracing paper, 5 pencil drawings with ink or crayon markings on tracing paper, 10 pencil and ink drawings on tracing paper, 3 ink drawings on paper, 56 ink drawings on tracing paper, and 2 ink drawings with crayon markings on tracing paper.

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Geographic Names:
Hong Kong ,RBL 713 ,Stanley

List of Drawings (View all Images)
  • I-2-84/95 Alterations to changing pavilion -- plan  Details
  • I-2-86/95 Alterations to changing pavilion -- section A-A  Details
  • I-2-85/95 Alterations to changing pavilion -- front elevation  Details
  • I-2-87/95 Alterations to changing pavilion -- section B-B  Details
  • I-2-89/95 R.C.C. details of carport -- ground plan, roof plan, side section  Details
  • I-2-88/95 Details of carport -- plan, elevation, full size detail of sunken catch; design for awnings to changing room at eave's level -- elevation  Details
  • I-2-90/95 Alterations to carport -- plan; front, back, side elevations  Details
  • I-2-91/95 Details of septic tank -- plan; sections A-A, B-B, C-C, D-D  Details
  • I-2-92/95 Drainage plans -- block plan, ground floor plan, first floor plan, west and east elevations  Details
  • I-2-93/95 Details of septic tank -- plan; sections A-A, B-B, C-C  Details
  • I-2-94/95 Swimming pool sea water supply and drainage plans -- block plan; site plan; pump house -- plan, elevation, section  Details
  • I-2-95/95 Electrical plans -- ground floor plan, first floor plan, roof plan  Details
  • I-2-30/95 Details of R.C.C. tables and cabinets at kitchen and pantry -- location plan; sections A-A, B-B, C-C, D-D; elevation A  Details
  • I-2-29/95 Details of lighting panels at ground floor terrace, bath room, living room, and sitting room -- plans; sections; detailed sections A-A, B-B, C-C, D-D, E-E, F-F, G-G; location plans  Details
  • I-2-27/95 Details of entrance gate -- elevation, sections A-A, B-B, handle details; railings at balconies -- elevation, section O-O; covered walk roof -- plan, elevation, section C-C, D-D, at J  Details
  • I-2-26/95 Details of window board -- plan, elevation, section; skirting -- section; louvre -- elevation, section; staircase -- elevations, sections A-A, B-B, railing details  Details
  • I-2-24/95 Details of fireplace -- plan A-A, elevation, section B-B, detail of joint at N  Details
  • I-2-23/95 Details of curtain boxes -- location plans at ground floor and first floor; details at 1 to 7  Details
  • I-2-22/95 Details of ventilator at storage -- section A-A, plan B-B; flower box -- plan, elevation, section C-C; R.C.C. coping to chimney -- sections; electrical installation at pavilion roof -- plan  Details
  • I-2-64/95 Alterations to window louvres at master bed room -- plan at canopy, plan at sill, front elevation, side elevation, section  Details
  • I-2-63/95 Details of additional typhoon board A to dressing room and board B to master bed room -- plans; sections A-A, B-B, C-C  Details
  • I-2-62/95 Alterations and additions to the exterior of the building-- ground floor plan; first floor plan; east elevation; details of additional R.C.C. louvres at terrace -- plan, section A-A; details of plaster to east exterior   Details
  • I-2-61/95 Details of additional typhoon guard to living room picture window -- elevation of window opening; full size details, sections, and elevations  Details
  • I-2-60/95 Design for birdhouse -- plans at ground level and roof level; section; elevations 1, 2, 3  Details
  • I-2-59/95 Design for dog house -- plan, elevation, section  Details
  • I-2-58/95 Design for bird stand -- elevation, section at A, detail of feed cup  Details
  • I-2-57/95 Design for bird stand -- elevation, section at A  Details
  • I-2-56/95 Details of weather vane -- key elevation; elevation; plans at A, B; elevations of clamp and base plate  Details
  • I-2-55/95 Plan of roof garden  Details
  • I-2-54/95 Plan of roof garden  Details
  • I-2-53/95 Plan of roof garden  Details
  • I-2-52/95 Design for bathroom floor pattern -- plan and detail  Details
  • I-2-51/95 Alterations to spiral stair -- plan, full size details of steps  Details
  • I-2-50/95 Painting details for game room ceiling -- reflected ceiling plan, detail at A-A; developed elevation of column  Details
  • I-2-49/95 Amended wall decorations to living room -- elevation and section of wall book case  Details
  • I-2-48/95 Wall decorations to master bed room -- elevation  Details
  • I-2-47/95 Wall decorations to entrance hall, dining room, master bed room, and living room -- elevations, section  Details
  • I-2-46/95 Amended details of dinning table -- plan, elevation, section A-A  Details
  • I-2-45/95 Details of dinning table -- plan, elevation, section A-A  Details
  • I-2-44/95 Design for bed side stools, dressing stool, reception room chair, game and breakfast table, living room sofa, reception hall sofa seat and table, contour chairs, living room easy chair and couch -- plans, front views, side views  Details
  • I-2-43/95 furniture layout key plans -- ground floor plan, first floor plan; design for master bed room bed ensemble, bed, dressing table and mirror feature, living room coffee tables, easy chairs, dining room chairs -- plans, front views, side views, details  Details
  • I-2-42/95 Design for bed room book case, desk, chair, bed, screen, panelling and bed side table -- front views, side views, isometric view (of chair), elevations  Details
  • I-2-41/95 Rearrangement of furniture to bed room -- plan; details of alterations to windows -- plans at X-X, Y-Y; section at Z-Z; elevation; section; details at A, B, C, D  Details
  • I-2-40/95 Details of desk and dressing table -- plan, front view, section, plan showing vanity box; chairs -- plan, front view, side view, back views, isometric view  Details
  • I-2-39/95 Detail of additional screen to service lobby -- key plan; plan, elevation, and section of screen; details at A, B; full size section of teak louvre  Details
  • I-2-38/95 Details of additional louvre windows to green house -- plan, elevations from inside and outside, section A-A, detail at B  Details
  • I-2-37/95 Details of additional louvre to green house glass roof -- plan, cross and long sections, detailed plan at A  Details
  • I-2-36/95 Alterations to master dressing room closet -- plan, sectional elevation  Details
  • I-2-35/95 Additions to storage rooms -- plan, cross and long sections  Details
  • I-2-34/95 Alterations to lighting fixtures at dining room -- key plan, plan, elevation, detail of plastic sheet with glass bead decoration  Details
  • I-2-33/95 Details of lighting fixture -- full size section  Details
  • I-2-32/95 Details of lighting fixtures at dining room -- plan, sections A-A, B-B; the 7 stars lights at bed rooms and pavilion roof -- plan, elevation, section; brass mirror at living room -- elevation, section  Details
  • I-2-31/95 Details of garden lamp -- plan, elevation 1, section A-A, detail; furred ceiling at living room -- reflected ceiling plan  Details
  • I-2-65/95 Details of boundary wall and entrance -- plan; elevations from outside and inside; sections A-A, B-B  Details
  • I-2-66/95 Details of entrance -- plan, elevation of name plate, section of drain  Details
  • I-2-67/95 Lettering design for house name in Chinese -- "綠波"  Details
  • I-2-68/95 Lettering design for house name in Chinese -- "綠波"  Details
  • I-2-69/95 Details of name plate -- plan and elevation  Details
  • I-2-70/95 Lettering design for house name in English-- Aquamarine  Details
  • I-2-71/95 Plan of garden at entrance, cross section through driveway and store, detail of stone piers  Details
  • I-2-72/95 Alterations to garden at entrance -- garden plan; sections through shed and pot bench  Details
  • I-2-83/95 Details of doors to changing pavilion  Details
  • I-2-73/95 Alterations to garden at entrance -- garden plan; sections through shed and pot bench  Details
  • I-2-74/95 Garden plan  Details
  • I-2-75/95 Alterations to garden -- layout plan; details of railing -- elevation; stairs -- plan, side elevation; diving board -- plan, side elevation, section  Details
  • I-2-76/95 Design for swing sofa to garden -- plan, front view, side views  Details
  • I-2-77/95 Garden details  Details
  • I-2-78/95 Plan for wire fences to garden  Details
  • I-2-79/95 Revised garden plan  Details
  • I-2-80/95 Design for changing pavilion -- plan, roof framing plan, section A-A  Details
  • I-2-81/95 Details of changing pavilion -- plan and section showing water tanks  Details
  • I-2-82/95 Amended design for changing pavilion -- plan; roof framing plan; details at A, B (isometric view); section B-B  Details
  • I-2-28/95 Alterations to covered walk roof -- plan, elevation, section C-C, details at D, and J  Details
  • I-2-25/95 Details of screen walls at terrace -- ground floor plan, first floor plan, elevations, section B-B  Details
  • I-2-1/95 Copy of site sale plan  Details
  • I-2-2/95 Site plan showing boundary of land lots  Details
  • I-2-3/95 Site formation plans -- block plan; site plan; sections through approach road, catch water, and surface channel   Details
  • I-2-4/95 Profile sections 1-1 to 8-8  Details
  • I-2-5/95 Site plan, ground floor plan, first floor plan, roof plan  Details
  • I-2-6/95 Ground floor plan, first floor plan, roof plan  Details
  • I-2-7/95 Ground floor plan, first floor plan, roof plan  Details
  • I-2-8/95 First floor plan  Details
  • I-2-9/95 Elevations -- south, north, east, west; and sections A-A, B-B  Details
  • I-2-10/95 Elevations of windows 1 to 23; plans of windows 6, 8  Details
  • I-2-11/95 Teak entrance door -- front & back elevation, sections M-M, N-N, O-O, P-P; doors A, B, C, D, E -- elevations, sections Q-Q, R-R; sections through door frames at end of bricks and walls; details of air outlet ventilator -- location, elevation, section 1-1  Details
  • I-2-12/95 Foundation plans -- footing plan; sections from 1-1 to 11-11  Details
  • I-2-13/95 Details of swimming pool and drive-in court -- plan, section A-A  Details
  • I-2-14/95 R.C.C. details of drive-in court -- plan, footing plan, section A-A  Details
  • I-2-15/95 R.C.C. calculation for drive-in court   Details
  • I-2-16/95 R.C.C. details of drive-in court -- plan, footing plan, section A-A  Details
  • I-2-17/95 Details of concealed flood light to swimming pool -- plan, elevation, section; section of scum gutter; plan of manhole cover  Details
  • I-2-18/95 Details of cement pavement to swimming pool -- plan; diving board -- sections; hand holds and steps -- elevations A, B, sections X-X, Y-Y  Details
  • I-2-19/95 Details of glazed tiles, terrazzo floor and terrazzo markings to swimming pool -- plan, section, details, lettering design  Details
  • I-2-20/95 Details of closets in entrance hall, dressing room, and bed room -- plans; elevations; sections A-A, B-B, X-X, Y-Y; details at N, M, P; sections through drawers; details of closet handles, vent hole fittings, and brass roller  Details
  • I-2-21/95 Details of green house -- plan; roof plan; sections A-A, M-M, N-N, O-O, S-S, T-T; elevations of steel windows  Details